The Mind and Reasoning

Previously, we gave an introduction to the mind’s extraordinary abilities.  Here we will speak about how the mind can be used for our benefit, along with our non-benefit. Have you recently sat down to observe the reasons for why you do certain things?  A lot of times we think we do things for certain reasons, but not going a little further to dig deeply into the true reasons we act the way we do – how we make decisions and how we live – could be the reason as to why so many of the things we desire and want, never come true.The Mind and Reasoning

Living for work?

For example, someone could live life thinking that working for money and power is the best life possible.  This person thinks it’s obvious: we work to get money.  Life is based on this monetary and beneficial exchange, which, to be frank, is true.  This exchange is based on deep satisfaction and pleasure for humans.  However, how many people do you see unhappy with their jobs?  How many times are you struck with the fear of being let go from your job?  Or are faced with difficult situations?  How many times have you felt that you simply won’t find anywhere to feel appreciated and valued? Someone who is constantly bombarded by these thoughts and feelings of nonconformity and dissatisfaction, but that doesn’t pay attention to them, is letting themselves be dominated by insecurity.  To a certain extent, they are denying their most brilliant, adventurous, and creative ideas and acts.  An insecure thought, when left unrecognized or not reflected upon, is what over time causes a life where you have to withstand conditions that are unfavorable, bad deals, and lack of recognition, etc.  The worst, however, is when we never confront insecure thoughts, so as to learn to dominate them.  Then our mind, which it is very good at, constantly justifies our reason as to why we have to withstand certain situations even though they bother us.  Every time something comes across our mind that we’re no longer satisfied with, it will say things like: “After everything is said and done, it’s not so bad” “Compared to that guy, I’m not doing so bad” “At my age, there’s not many opportunities” “At least I have social security and benefits here”.  Is that really security?

The mind and Reasoning

The mind is a tool; it serves to create thoughts, and is the source of our confidence along with our lack of confidence, depending on where we focus our attention.  If we allow ourselves be ran by insecure thought, it will be difficult for us to discover new potential, and our mind will get used to a world with very restricted options  and a lack of nourishment. The whole mind is extraordinary.  You must begin to generate feelings of security so as to believe even more in our abilities and the creative skills we posses to create and transform new realities.  You must remember that everything around us goes as far as our understanding does; if we want more meaning to life, if we crave new conditions and dream of surprise and enjoyment, then you must dare yourself every day to be what you want to be.  Let’s understand that the mind is a tool.  With it we can create extraordinary things and overcome any obstacle.  Or, we could create the exact opposite.

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