The Mind and the Creative Strength of Intention

Presently, topics about the mind and how to use it for healing, as well as for creating and transforming life, are appearing more and more every day.  In some way, this is due to the fact that humanity’s evolutionary consciousness is already searching for new guidelines and consciousness for understanding the functioning of the nature that surrounds us, as well as understanding our own personal nature.  The restlessness to understand oneself and experience new ways of understanding reality carries people to explore those unknown lands, and to discover and awaken one of their most creative tools: their mind and its extraordinary dormant talent.
The Mind and the Creative Strength of Intention

Creative thought

Creative thought is nothing new: we know, and scientific tests exist for this, how thought powerfully influences our reality: it can cure over distance, modifies reactions in nature, and creates environments and experiences that are both favorable and unfavorable in daily life.  Quantum physics demonstrates that all matter is made up of atoms, and between atoms, there is space: there’s nothing.  Nothing is obvious, in reality, it is full of a creative consciousness.  This means that everything that surrounds us is made, in its purest essence, of nothing, which is to say, of a consciousness that unites things with others.  This consciousness is full of creative potential.  A flower is a flower because its purest essence is the consciousness of a flower, but this doesn’t means that the flower can’t transform into something else.  Let’s say, in a personal capacity, consciousness seems to be something like the “glue” that keeps reality “stuck”, along with all the creative forms that exist in it.  So it is understood that when consciousness is transformed or modified, reality reacts and modifies itself as well.  In short, this means that you can influence your reality as your consciousness awakens or becomes illuminated with understandings that are ever more magnificent.

Quantum physics speaks to use about the importance of the observer, and how this powerfully affects reality (the observed).  It is undeniable that the way in which we see things powerfully influences the life we have, our way of interpreting life keeps us “stuck” to a certain way of living.  The moment we modify our assessment of a certain subject, person, or condition, a process of transformation begins.

Our way of interpreting things is what gives intentionality to our way of living and creating our worlds, and the world that surrounds us.  Intention is related to our evolutionary level of consciousness, and this is key to moving our tiny universe (microcosms), and affecting the unending universe (macrocosms).  Intentionality, in summary, is wanting something to happen.  When we are convinced (or when we convince ourselves) that something is possible (under our own range of possibilities), and we unite all of our strengths for this to happen, it seems as if no amount of human strength could stop this manifestation.  The big problem for using the mind’s talents isn’t that we’re not capable of doing it, but rather, that we still do’nt have full consciousness of the creative strength that we carry inside, and of the talents of thought.  We doubt, and we don’t believe it possible to tranform life just by thinking in a new way.  This narrow, and barely conscious way of seeing and understanding our interior power provokes precisely that our way of living be poor, or frequently mediocre, and that we depend a lot of things and circumstances for health, or to be creative, free, or happy.

Considering that the level of acceptance of the mind’s powers is one of the first obstacles for undertaking such a fascinating adventure of discovery, we must begin by practicing a few exercises for creating security in that creative potential.  One way of doing so is to stimulate and strengthen our creative focus.  Presently, Lynne Mac Taggart, author of the books “The Field” and “The Intention Experiment”, does not resign herself to this theory, already very disseminated (and not new), regarding this topic of the strength of thought.  To tell the truth, all of this knowledge about the mind, and its potential, is very ancient.  It has been practiced and understood by so many of our ancestors and by alchemists, shamans, druids, priests, and the Magicians of antiquity.  However, as we were saying, Lynne is not stuck on the pure surprise of this theory, but rather takes on a few very interesting experiments of global and collective character, whereby, through conscious focus, one tries not only to cure people over distance, but to modify unfavorable circumstances and planetary problems that require it.  This is based on the proposal that “…thoughts can change and even cure the world”, especially if the focus combines conscious community effort.  This experiment seems to be providing very good results, it has cured people, and has begun to harmonize certain world conflicts.  This mind’s practice is a way for people to begin not only to develop their mental powers, but to also notice how much they can affect reality with their thoughts, which helps create creative security.

This is one of many exercises that you can undertake to begin knowing what your mind is, and all its unknown cogs.  If you want to join this experiment of creative thought and collective focus, go to this web page, where Lynne proposes participation in this collective experiment to the reader, inviting them to join the scientists around the world in said work.

If you want to know more about this fascinating subject of mind, you can look at our Blog called Create with Thought, where we talk about this topic of the mind, and we give very diverse exercises to beging to discover and develop it.

Strengthen and increase the powers of your mind.

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