The Mind’s extraordinary ability to Heal

Human beings can achieve anything their minds can imagine.  But as of today, humans only use 1% of their total mental capabilities.  What’s going on with the rest of that dormant brain?

The Mind's extraordinary ability to HealIf we were to begin to develop a little more the power of our minds, we could begin to act with extraordinary capacity on reality and our bodies.  We could dominate faculties such as telepathy (thought transmission from one mind to another), psychokinesis (the ability to move objects with the mind), the sensitive perception of events yet to come, clairvoyance, sharp creativity, and the ability to heal the body in an instant, among other things.

How to awaken this healing power of the mind

All of the above mentioned phenomenons surpass modern physics.  Science still has not been able to demonstrate these phenomenons – it can’t interpret or understand them – there are even some scientists that deny it completely, while on the other hand, some scientific minds research this very carefully.  These scientists are already beginning to talk about and recognize an energy within the mind, an extraordinary power coming from the mind.

In regards to curing the body, there are many tests making this more and more evident.  In Edgar Cayce’s case – a great paranormal – the experience of healing has been a personal experience, one he relates as “…In order to cure yourself, you must allow the vital force to flow so that it stimulates and awakens every cell in the body, provoking it to fulfill its commitment”.  

Another example, the healer Olga Worrell underwent a modern and scientific testing but a device created by nuclear physicists to illustrate the shifting of high energy particles.  The energetic healer placed her hands on the device, as if she were healing a person; the result was a visible, significant, and surprising alteration in the uniform vapor environment within the camera.  After moving her hands, the waves created by her energetic discharge followed the movement of her hands.  When the scientists tried to do the same, the only thing they created was confusion.

Little by little science proves a little more that the mind, effectively, can restore cellular equilibrium and heal the body.  But you don’t need to be a scientist or a specialist in modern technology to prove this extraordinary power of the mind.  We can prove this to be true very simply, it’s a very inherent ability.

If you were to observe,  you could notice how someone sick can recover more quickly if they think positively, while those who think negatively take much longer to recover, actually increasing their weakness or illness.

The truth is, you can prove it for yourself if you begin to focus on a positive thought about some area in your body causing you pain.  Not even science can convince you of your own healing powers if you don’t begin to experience it and put it into practice.

There is a brief description of how you can begin to develop this healing power on the mind.  However, this is merely the introduction to a series of articles that will be published here, and we hope you like them.  Soon after, if this interests you, you can begin by understanding that a negative thought is one that creates doubt, fear, guilt, embarrassment, etc., while a positive thought creates the opposite, which is to say, a feeling of confidence, well-being, understanding, curiosity, etc.  You can begin the homework of focusing on a positive thought for any area of your body you wish to heal, send gratitude, love, affection, etc.  Keep going until you begin to see how the body surprisingly recovers.

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