Hair Loss: could be Caused by Lack of Iron

Hair loss is a common problem. Have you noticed that you lose a lot of hair when you wash or brush, or even when you simply move it from one side to another?

There are a lot of things that could cause alopecia, or hair loss.  It could be because your are experiencing a lot of stress, you are pregnant or have just given birth, and even though you may not believe it, it could be caused by poor diet, especially if you have an iron or vitamin B deficiency.
Hair Loss: could be Caused by Lack of Iron

Improve your diet for preventing hair loss

If you’re experiencing this condition right now, you need to improve your daily diet.  Include foods that you more than likely have pushed aside for years.

Here are foods that contain high proportions of iron, so take note: chicken liver in legumes, like lentils, vegetables like broccoli, spinach, peas or beans, peanuts, walnuts, and beans and garbanzos.

Vitamin B against hair loss

Dairy products, like goat cheese and manchego cheese, have high amounts of vitamin B12, which is also an important agent in preventing hair loss.  Don’t forget yogurt and milk.

Proteins are also important: you should include chicken, fish, and lean meats.

Be careful with vitamin A

Iron and vitamin B deficiencies can be damaging, but too much vitamin A could also affect you, and prevent you from growing a lush, strong, and silky head of hair.

If you are eating too much vitamin A, be careful, as this can cause you to lose a lot of hair.

What is it in?

Vitamin A is found in chicken liver, cod liver oil, eggs, seafood, butter, enriched margarine, and other dairy products.

It is also present in fruits like grapefruit, mango, oranges, lemons, as well as apricots.

Remember that vitamin A consumption is important for the body.  For example, it helps strengthen skin and is key for correct development and maintenance of teeth.  But too much is bad.

Other pieces of advice:


You don’t get anywhere by stressing out.  When you experience a lot of tension, this is even worse for your hair.  Excessive tension stimulates hair loss.  It’s best to stay calm, try to live a relaxing and calm life.

Do not use the blow drier too much

You don’t need to blow dry your hair every day.  This is abusive to your hair, making it fragile and weak.  You also shouldn’t be too rough with your hair when towel drying it.

Brush regularly

Although you may not believe this, brushing regularly can strengthen your hair because the brush stimulates blood flow to the follicles, making your scalp firm.

Don’t smoke

If you can’t stop moking completely, at least reduce your consumption.  Several studies show that smoking cigarettes promotes alopecia.  This doesn’t even consider the other conditions you could develop that are harmful to health.

Flat irons: another factor

Be careful with your flat iron.  Concentrated heat produced in iron could affect your scalp.


We recommend that you use a conditioner after shampooing.  This will make your hair stronger.

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