Natural remedies for Healthy Eyes

Having healthy eyes is very important. Many of us know that carrot juice is one of the richest foods in vitamin A, which for the eyes, is absolutely necessary not only to prevent and fight infections, but also to help with optic nerve fatigue.  However, natural remedies do exist for some of the most common eye conditions.
Healthy Eyes

General advice for having Healthy Eyes

The eyes are an extension of the nervous system, so we should begin to think about diet and keeping a healthy system, which includes above all, the brain.  So if we want healthy eyes, we first need to:

  • Eat foods rich in minerals (seaweed, fresh fruits, raw vegetables, etc.)
  • Keep ourselves oxygenated by exercising and breathing deeply and properly
  • Practice some sort of activity like Yoga or Tai Chi, which help establish deeper contact with who we are and to calm and balance our systems.

In regards to more specific conditions, we will now provide you with a list of natural recommendations:

Eye boogers: Caused because the body is too full of toxins, excess mucous in the body, or poor elimination of residues.  CURE: a cleansing diet.  Avoid dairy products, sausages, and very salty products, along with fried foods or sugar products.  Eat more fresh foods, and most of all, drink fresh water.

Cataracts: This condition reveals an excess of calcium.  CURE: Eat more foods rich in iron, sodium, and sulfur.

Dark circles: These are due to poor circulation under to eye, tiredness, or a poor diet.  CURE: sit in a comfortable spot and look up, without moving your head.  Then close your eyelids two or three times without moving your eyeball, or without causing pain.  Rest.  This remedy helps the blood circulate and revitalizes the tissues under the eye.  Also, drink more fresh water and eat fresh vegetables.

Swelling of the eyelids: This is due to poor kidney function.  CURE: exercise and drink fresh pineapple or orange juice every morning.  Consult a naturopath.

Sty: This can be caused by several things, such as an excess of toxins, a messy or insufficient diet, overeating, lack of vitamins, etc.  CURE: you can consult a good dietitian.  In the mean time, avoid eating fatty, fried, salty, or sweet foods.

Dull eyes or a weak gaze: Lots of tension, poor absorption of nutrients or anemia.  In some cases this can be caused by repressed sadness.  CURE: free your tension.  Do some sort of practice or bioenergetic therapy to liberate your tensions.  Consult a dietitian for nutrients that could balance your diet.

General cleaning

Lastly, we recommend you wash your eyes every once in a while with carefully filtered chamomile water.  If you feel like it, you can use this for heightened contamination or sun exposure: try mixing a drop of honey dissolved in a little bit of water.

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