Your body and your thoughts, feelings, and desires

Within your body there are areas that correspond to your thoughts, your feelings, and your desires.  Thoughts correspond with the area of the head while the back, shoulders, and chest correspond to your feelings.  Your desires and actions are connected to the area of the hips and below.  If you observe your body you will find interesting ways in which these three areas are related.  Observe your back, the inclination of your shoulders, the way in which you hold your legs and your posture in general.  Do you feel your body has a good connection with these three areas?  Do you feel your energy flowing harmoniously and in a balanced way throughout your body?
The Wheel

Pelvis, shoulders, and abdomen

Some people, for example, have a slight forward tilt of the pelvis, almost as if they wanted to move forward, but their body (feelings) and their head (thoughts) hold back for some reason or other.  Some people slouch their shoulders forward, as if protecting their chest (feelings), which could indicate a lack of confidence or that they’re protecting themselves from something.  Having the shoulders drawn in indicates difficulty in reaching our arms out and grabbing what we want.  A drooping and weak abdomen can indicate that the person is emotionally weak, while a hard and protruding sternum is a type of shell, a defense blocking anything that could provoke vulnerability.

The neck

The neck is a very important area as it represents the uniting bridge between the head and the feelings and actions of an individual.  Air and food pass through the neck, and words come out through the throat.  Words speak about what we feel and think, and air and food are vital elements.  A stiff or painful neck indicates tension or not allowing something essential to pass; this either cannot pass, or is blocked from passing, by some rigid judgement formed in the head (generally, a stiff neck means inflexibility or stubbornness).  The neck is a very interesting area that requires very detailed observation in order to understand it.

The hips and legs

The hips, for example, are the union between our actions and our thoughts and feelings, representing our ability to act in life, to impose our ideas and judgments.  The legs, which take us where we want to go, indicate how difficult (or not) it is for us to take life where we want.

Every time that you see or feel that your body is out of harmony, tense, contracted, painful or bothersome, stop to think about that part of your body that wants to tell you something.  Each time, reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  This may be able to give you an idea about why your body reacts a certain way.

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