Exercise for the Elderly prevents Dementia

We already know that sports and exercise is tremendously beneficial for health in children, adolescents and adults.  And now new studies indicate that physical activity is also absolutely necessary for elderly individuals.

Exercise for the Elderly prevents DementiaIf you are older than 70 years of age, or perhaps your father or grandfather is in that age range, advise them that they, too, can and should exercise.  This will help take them off the list of dementia candidates.

Brain reduction

Studies performed by doctors at the University of Edinburgh have been published in the specialist magazine “Neurology“.

They concluded that staying active during this vital stage will help prevent brain shrinkage.

To obtain these results, researchers performed a brain scan on 638 volunteers, all retired and older than 70 years of age.  The analysis showed that the most active individuals had brains in better conditions after a 3 year follow-up period.

The primary characteristic was white brain material in elderly individuals, frequent for exercising, showed less damaged areas in comparison to those that were more sedentary.

Do not wear yourself out

Recommended exercise for individuals older than 70 years of age does not include any excessive efforts.  There is no need to exhaust yourself and wear yourself out, as specialists suggest.

This is all about simply staying active.  This could be quick walks throughout the week, bicycling a few minutes each day, or even dancing.


You could also try activities like Tai Chi or Yoga for some easier exercises.  The important thing is just to move your body.

In these recommendations to practice some sort of exercise or sport, this does not involve mental activities of the intellectual type, like playing chess.


Dementia is characterized by an individuals’ loss of intellectual abilities, of of some cognitive functions (thought, memory), which could cause an inability to work or loss of normal social ties.

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