Obesity: Causes and Natural remedies

Despite the large availability of nutritional information that exists in books, schools, doctor’s offices, internet, magazines, etc., junk food and fast food consumption continues to be one of the largest problems of obesity.  If we combine this with a sedentary lifestyle, this effect is quickly accelerated, which has graves effects on our health.Obesity: Causes and Natural remedies

Inapropriate food consumptions, lack of physical exercise, and individuals’ lack of care for their so often harmful habits, like binge drinking, smoking, staying up late, mental stress, emotional situations, etc., have caused a surprising increase in today’s obesity levels.

What is obesity?

Obesity is a chronic condition characterized by excess fat tissues in the body.  This imbalance is related primarily to biological, sociocultural, and psychological factors.

Harmful effects on health

Obesity is one of the health problems that provokes some of the most severe consequences to its sufferers.  Some of these effects are:

  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Lack of agility or bodily ability
  • Hardening of the arteries
  • Sleep apnea
  • Hypoventilation syndrome
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Infertility
  • Idiopathic Intracraneal Hypertension
  • Poor circulation
  • Varicose veins and cellulitis
  • Gastroesophageal reflux
  • Urinary incontinence

Both children and adults can suffer from obesity, but the primary problem lies with adults over the age of 35, hypertensive people, diabetics, and those with high cholesterol.

Remedies and Natural alternatives


Having a balanced diet is a fundamental factor.  There are several types of diets to follow, and dietitians generally consider diets for people, taking into consideration their age, general state of health, their physical activity, etc., in order to recommend the most effective diet possible.  However, there are several general rules that undoubtedly should be followed in order to loose weight:

  • Avoid (or eliminate, if possible) as much as possible, junk food or fast food consumption.  These are high in saturated fats and very poor in essential nutrients.
  • Avoid consuming white sugar and its byproducts, like sodas, breads, cakes, etc.  White sugar contains practically no nutritional value, and causes a variety of disorders and imbalances within the body.  It is one of the primary causes of obesity.  The idea that sugar is necessary as a source of energy is completely wrong.  The sugar that is actually beneficial and nourishing to the body is the natural sugars found in fruit.
  • Avoid consuming packaged foods and animal meat, which are high in saturated fat.  If you eat meat, avoid frying it, and eat it with a fresh salad with plentiful vegetables.
  • Include in your diet: lots of fresh water (at least 2 liters a day), herbal tea between meals, fresh vegetable juices, and products like soy, cottage cheese, tofu, sprouts, and oil products.

Herbs to loose weight

Fucus seaweed can be prepared by slicing it into dried slices.  Wash well.  Use 20 grams of it with one liter of water.  Boil water and seaweed together for 15 minutes, strain with a mesh strainer (it becomes gelatinous after cooling).  Drink one cup of this before each meal, or in spoonfuls throughout the day.

If you like, add a few drops of lemon juice to give it a better flavor.  Do not sweeten.  Make this new each day, and throw away the leftovers.  Do not save for the following day.  Spirulina seaweed is also good for this.

Recommended products

Chitosan, syrup, and linseed.  (For chitosan and syrup use, consult a diet specialist).

Recommended diets for weight loss and body detoxification

The syrup diet

The lemon diet

Physical activity

Physical exercise is absolutely necessary, as this increases circulations, which is indispensable for oxygenating and nourishing tissues, cells and organs.  Good circulation prevents the accumulation of toxic waste products in the body, and provides healthy movement to the intestines.  This helps them evacuate toxic and poisonous substances, as well as harmful and unnecessary fats.


Lifestyle is greatly responsible for obesity.  You must avoid:

  • Spending lots of time sitting, or leading a sedentary lifestyle
  • Eating excessively or between meals.  Avoid “eating something” just to fill your belly.
  • Eating because you are nervous, anxious, or worried.
  • Mental stress and insufficient rest.

Emotional factors

Emotional energy is a huge influence on obese people, as well as with any illness.  One of the emotional causes of excess weight is when the person could be running from their feelings, or feelings of insecurity or self-rejection.  This could also be a sign that the individual deeply wishes to fulfill him/herself.  This is one aspect that we really have to keep in mind, because if we go on diets and consume special products without taking a look at our emotions, our body’s will tend to gain weight with practically anything.  You must search for reading material that helps you contact your emotions, showing you how to feel secure in those emotions, so that you can fulfill yourself through them, rather than locking yourself up in them.

Obesity can be detected, treated, and avoided.  Even in the most severe cases, the individual can recover a normal weight and figure, so long as they follow these guidelines, and if necessary, a specialist’s guidance.

It is important to keep in mind however, that some people can drastically loose weight when suffering from diabetes.  This can be a result produced by this disease.

For those that suffer from hypertension, diabetes, or high cholesterol, it is advisable that they loose weight little by little.  Avoid quick diets and miracle-promising products.  A balanced diet and change in habits not only eliminates obesity, but also helps regain an optimum state of health.

The body doesn’t really need a lot of things to look and be healthy.  The problem is that we disrupt its balance when we break certain natural rules.

If you want to recover your healthy weight, and truly feel healthy, you need to begin with a healthy diet.  This is indisputable, because no other product will work as many miracles as good and healthy dietary habits, along with quality and balanced foods.

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