Depression: rebellion, resignation, and loneliness (part one)


Several treatments for depression exist for depression: pills, syrups, therapies, teas, flower perfumes, drugs, and so many more.  Each of these are alternatives that frequently help raise your spirits and give you your enthusiasm back.  However, if all we do is treat depression by trying to control the symptoms without eradicating whatever it is that is causing the problem, the treatments will only serve to momentarily calm your emotional pain.  You also run the risk of developing a dependence to these treatments, because if they are not accompanied by deep understanding of what depression is, you will never find a true solution to it.

Big problem or depressionThere are several levels of depression, and symptoms can present in several ways: excessive tiredness, lack of interest in life, apathy, sadness, vulnerability (feeling affected by everything, or feeling like you’re a  victim of circumstances), discomfort, aggression, violence, loneliness, feeling detached, feeling unloved or not accepted, pain (both physical and emotional), etc.

Depression is neither good nor bad, it is just a symptom, a reaction, to something that is taking place within the person.  If we don’t pay attention to the first symptoms, like lack of interest, frequent tiredness, feeling alone or misunderstood, even anemia, over time we will develop chronic depression.  This can then branch out into numerous other conditions much more complicated to eradicate, like addictions or illness.  These last two could be the consequence of the frequent message sent to the body of not truly feeling motivated and animated, with the purpose or sense of living life.

Where does depression come from?

The fundamental root of chronic depression is fed by a lifestyle that has existed for a very long, extended period of time, of feeling trapped.  This means that the individual has been unable to fulfill or specify what they truly love.  The person does not feel free or satisfied to be who they are.  The central problem that feeds depression radiates primarily from not knowing what to do in order to fulfill their deepest and most sincere heart’s desires.

When we never find a way to free our natural enthusiasm to create life according to our highest dreams, we then pass through several stages.

One of the primary signs to keep in mind in order to avoid subsequent depression, is when we feel uncomfortable with a certain lifestyle.  This means, when we begin to feel limited, and want to transform or create something.  Discomfort is an amazing way that something inside us invites us to grow, to explore life in new ways, with new understanding.  However, when that understanding fails to find a solution, when it is ignored or causes the person to feel like more of a victim, rather than the creator, of their problems, this discomfort could then cause rebellion.  They will feel the need to “rip” themselves away from what limits them, or they simply won’t allow it to happen.


If I feel like something is blocking me from being me, I will begin to draw back from this cause of limitation, and will become rebellious.  This means, deep down, that I feel like “other people are responsible for my unhappiness”.  This is how I will express it.  On that note, I will become aggressive, violent, and angry.  Rebellion can be expressed in several ways, through dress or physical appearance, which could appear sloppy or aggressive, as if to say “I don’t care”.   It can even be expressed through aggressive or violent behavior, or through cold and distant postures that say “I’m not talking to you”, or “my silence, indifference, or rejection is your punishment”.

The people that most make us react in these ways are definitely those that we feel most tied to or limited by.  Drugs are one of the most severe forms of rebellion; their emotional pain has not been responsibly resolved, and the addict feels like the entire world is harmful to him/her, and is responsible for his/her unhappiness.  By not knowing what to do with their pain, they take refuge in something that numbs them, or helps them run from this deep sense of non-conformity and loneliness.  Drugs are effective and quick means of avoiding this deep pain.

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