Enzymes: The Secret Door to Youth

Imagine that suddenly every cell in your body were to receive one drop from a youth elixir…Ahh!  You would look and feel so great!  Well, look no further for the secret to youth and health, because this magical elixir that rejuvenates and returns health and beauty, is what is known as enzymes.  These powerful substances are stored in cells, both human, as well as plant and animal cells.

Enzymes: The Secret Door to YouthHave you ever noticed how shortly after cutting an apple open, it starts to turn brown?  This brown color comes from enzymes, which help prevent the apple from deteriorating so quickly.  Enzymes tirelessly build and re-build cells and tissues, helping send liquids full of powerfully nutritious substances to the blood, which feeds glands, organs, systems, tissues, etc.

Whole body youth and health, as well as a young mind full of energy and creativity, are possible thanks to enzymes.  Without them, life simply could not exist.

Enzymes are the key to youth and health

You must know one key in order to be young and healthy: it doesn’t really matter how much you eat, but rather, what your body bsorbs!  You could eat a wonderful diet, but if you don’t absorb things well, the food you eat won’t do much good for you.  If you want to prolong your youth and health as long as possible, you’ll need to befriend enzymes.  If you have a strong enzymatic system, you have already won the blessings of these wonderful substances.

Enzymes possess a few powerful abilities, such as:

  • They rebuild healthy food into muscles.
  • They promote food storage in the liver to future use of youthful vigor.
  • They are used to eliminate unnecessary carbon dioxide, washing the lungs with air and spreading healthier air throughout the body.
  • They promote more lively cells and tissues through oxidization.
  • They help the body’s defenses against infections.
  • They take part in reconstructing blood flow and regenerating the body from outside in.
  • They promote blood coagulation.
  • They remove urea and other bodily wastes by using natural elimination systems in the pores (sweating).

How to have a strong enzymatic system in your body

Enzymes are brought to the body through dietary substances that pass through the body in either food or drink, and the air we breathe.  The quality of the substances you ingest, along with good absorption thereof, is what creates a good amount of enzymes in the body.

Better quality enzymes and absorption throughout the body is what is formed when we eat raw foods and natural liquids, like water, fresh juices, herbal teas (in the appropriate dosage), etc.

Enzymes that are lost through cooking

We should also emphasize that all foods from the farm, harvests, etc., even those coming from animals, contain enzymes.  But once you cook these foods, they lose all their enzymes.  That’s why another secret for having a strong enzymatic system lies in eating things as raw as possible.  A lot of things can’t be eaten raw, however, like cow’s milk, for example, because all of its enzymes turn toxic and are difficult to digest.  The same is true for meats and vegetables.  When these foods are cooked they lose their enzymes, and what is left is something like a dishtowel soaked in broth.  They have almost no nutritional value, because many vitamins as well are lost during cooking, or if simply exposed to heat.

Rejuvenating and Healing Enzymes

Take note: rejuvenating enzymes are only found in raw foods.  If you want to start consuming raw foods, keep in mind that vegetables should be organic, as well as seeds or oily products.  If you are going to consume these products raw, you need to make sure that they are completely free of pesticides, fertilizers and other waste substances.

Correct enzyme absorption

You already know that good nutrient absorption is important, which is why you need to remember to drink fresh water, at least two liters a day, along with eating raw food, so that your enzymes can be correctly absorbed.  It is also very important that you do not eat while stressed, nor should you eat when just getting over strong anger or anxiety.  These emotional states stress the stomach and liver, and prevent correct nutrient absorption.

If you would like to know more about how to benefit from enzymes, follow this link: Part Two, Enzymes: the enzymatic power of food fermentation.

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