Beer yeast, diabetes, and more

Many times, lack of information stops us from using truly extraordinary foods in our daily diet.  Beer yeast could be one of those foods.  This is one of the most complete foods there are.  It contains 8 essential amino acids, 10 more amino acids, and 19 vitamins including niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, etc.  It’s one of the best sources of complex B, and contains about 14 essential minerals.  All of  this is enough to consider it a highly valuable food.  Beer yeast is also rich in nucleic acid, which is an ideal preventative against cell deterioration and aging, and is a base element is cell reproduction.  It’s also the best way to receive chromium.  While somewhat complicated to explain, chromium plays part in what is known as “glucose tolerance factor”, which is essential in insulin production (remember that without insulin the body cannot properly maintain glucose in the body).  This is why this is such an important food for diabetic and hypoglycemic diets.  Or for those of us that crave an excess of sweets, beer yeast contains 10 times the activity of glucose tolerance factor than any other food.  Beyond everything else mentioned, beer yeast is also rich in potassium, selenium, iron, and lecithin.  It has no cholesterol or extra calories, making it nearly the perfect food for vegetarians, diabetics, anemics, hypoglycemics, athletes, depressed persons, etc.  It’s great for practically anyone who wants to maintain or obtain a balance of vitamins, proteins, and minerals in their body.


With just a little bit of beer yeast a day, you can benefit for all of the above mentioned reasons.  It’s advisable that when choosing a variety of beer yeast, to choose one that is live (and not processed) because, as explained before, processed foods lose a great amount of their natural nutrients.         


Breakfast with beer yeast

If you buy powdered yeast, every day add one soup spoonful of it to your fruit juices or smoothies.  This is even better if the fruits are citrus (oranges, strawberry, lemon, guava, etc.).  If you sweeten your juices with a little bit of honey, or oats or amaranth, (or sesame, nuts, almonds, etc.) you practically have a complete breakfast, and your body will already have sufficient nutrients to start your day with energy and vitality.

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