Music for Babies: What type of music do babies like?

The Music for Babies is a great thing. It has long been known that unborn babies can perceive an infinite amount of sensations, both external and internal, from mother’s warm and dark womb.  This is the case with music, as well, which emits certain vibrational frequencies that the baby feels and reacts to either positively or negatively.
Music for Babies

What type of music do babies in the womb like?

Doctor Maria Dolores Villa assures us that children who are soon to be born prefer soft music, like the classical works of Mozart, Beethoven, or Chopin.  According to this doctor, neonatal babies who are exposed to this type of frequency sounds are born heavier than those that are exposed to rock, for example.

A specialist from the University of Complutense in Madrid also affirms that neonatal babies reject rock, and prefer what is known as “intelligent music”, or, classical music like that of Mozart.  “There is a direct connection between the sounds of music and prenatal learning”, assured Doctor Villa.  “It is during the third trimester of pregnancy that this musical impact gains strength”, she added.

Prenatal music therapy

It is said that unborn children prefer soft, melodic music, and music from the Baroque period, and reject Wagner music, heavy rock, and Beethoven’s more passionate pieces.  Doctor Villa states that the beneficial effects of music are seen in intensive care of prenatal babies.  She pointed out that when receiving musical stimulation, these babies respond with weight gain, and general improvement in their clinical state.

Emotions and music

Without a shadow of a doubt, music definitely affects babies in the maternal womb, as well as plants and animals.  The smaller we are, the more we absorb the energy in our environment, and music is a powerful energy that we are all sensitive to.  Music emits certain sound waves that create certain emotions in living things.  Sung music has the advantage (or the disadvantage) of emotionally situating us into a certain mood.  When we listen, for example, to a song with particularly sad lyrics, it is quite probably that we will feel sad.  If we don’t want to feel sad, we won’t listen to that music.  We’ll put something on that is more suited to our mood.  Instrumental music, however, also seems to have this effect, because even though it doesn’t transport by mode of consciousness, it seems to awaken certain emotions.  Rock, generally, is a music of protest, nonconformity, loneliness or nostalgia.  Therefore, these are the emotions it provokes, and the unborn baby will absorb them.

That’s why we recommend that while you’re waiting for baby, that you stay as peaceful and happy as possible. Talk to baby with a soft voice, and play music that makes you feel peaceful and relaxed.  Your baby will absorb these emotional states, and will feel well protected and peaceful in your womb.  Remember, happiness is the emotion that strengthens the immune system, and is the emotional base of health.

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