Fight Cholesterol and Lose Weight with Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is a tropical fruit and is also known as Fruit of Passion.  It has a characteristic brown color, and contains a lot of seeds.  It’s pulp has a pleasantly sweet taste and it is edible.

Passion fruit for Weight Loss and for Fighting CholesterolPassion fruit has a long list of health benefits, it is perfect for asthmatics, it has accentuated properties for fighting microbes (antimicrobial), which makes it a great remedy for treating microbes and infections.  It is rich in carbohydrates (natural sugars), which makes is a good ally for athletes, dancers, and individuals that have physically demanding jobs.  It can also be used to prevent different respiratory problems, like coughs, phlegm, lung problems, colds, emphysema, etc., as well as for sleeping soundly and fighting insomnia.  It contains relaxing and sleep-inducing properties.  Passion fruit tea can be served before bed to promote good rest.  And lastly, it is perfect for weight loss because of its cleansing properties.

Passion fruit for Weight Loss and for Fighting Cholesterol

In this long list of benefits, you’ll notice that it is rich in phytosterols, elements that help naturally reduce the formation of cholesterol.  If cholesterol levels exceed certain amounts, the body will become harmful, causing severe health effects, like obesity.  This plant reduces harmful cholesterol and helps control and lose weight.  By following a healthy diet and habits, like exercise, these effects will be even more pronounced, making beneficial results noticeable in less time.

There are a lot of ways to lower cholesterol, but walking is undoubtedly the ideal way.  Not only does it provide a great path towards healing, but it also makes the body strong and has no harmful side effects on health, like medications that damage and deteriorate the kidneys, stomach, etc.

If you want a natural way to fight cholesterol, try these passion fruit remedies and tips, that can be used in combination to recover health.

Begin healing: Follow a cleansing diet, drinking just passion fruit juice with squeezed lemon juice, daily.  This is the only thing you should drink for an entire day, nothing more than juice and 2 liters of fresh water.  The sugar in this fruit will help satiate your hunger.  If you experience effects like a stomachache, headache, rash, etc., this is normal.  These are symptoms of healing.  The fruit is cleaning your body.  If you feel an intense pain, drink vegetable broth at midday, and continue the diet after half an hour.

After your cleansing day, continue drinking passion fruit juice in your daily diet: drink passion fruit juice every morning before breakfast, and don’t eat anything after the juice.  Wait for 20 minutes, then start your diet by avoiding cow’s milk, red meat and processed or refined sugars and flour.  It is very important that you avoid these foods because this will strengthen the juice’s effect.

If you want to lose weight, it is important that you consider an exercise routine, as this will mobilize harmful fat, firm tissues, and the intestines will dislodge harmful, accumulated substances.  Remember to drink at least two liters of water a day, and at night drink tea made from passion fruit leaves.

Remember that losing weight eliminates toxins and prevents other diseases, like cellulite, weak veins, varicose veins, skin problems, etc.  The aforementioned diet will also help detoxify your blood, which will also help cure other diseases like arthritis, osteoarthritis, diabetes, etc.  Diabetics can drink passion fruit juice with no problem at all, and they can also follow the cleansing diet.

Currently there are all sorts of fruits and medicinal plants available at the market, and online stores.  If you want to get passion fruit, you can look for it in your supermarket that sells bulk items, on online.  Always remember that organic fruits and plants are the best, due to wear and tear on the soil.  Keep this in mind, because it also preserves the fruit’s properties as best as possible, making its effects truly noticeable.  Avoid buying fruit if you suspect it contains strong insecticides, and always wash your fruit well before eating it.

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