Osteoporosis: Causes, Natural Remedies and Recommended Foods

Osteoporosis is a condition caused by the reduction of bone mass which leads to susceptibility to bone injuries like fractures, sprains, etc.  The spinal column is usually the area most affected by this weakening, which frequently manifests with pain.  Osteoporosis generally appears after the age of 40, although you can definitely do a lot to prevent and cure this disease.
Osteoporosis: Causes, Natural Remedies and Recommended Foods

What causes osteoporosis?

  • An insufficient diet, low in important vitamins and mineral like calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D.
  • A decrease in estrogen levels during menopause.
  • Diets with an excessive amount of animal proteins, like meats, eggs, cheeses, etc.  These diets cause calcium to be eliminated through the urine.
  • Minimal physical activity causes the body to loose minerals.
  • Hormone imbalances between the hormone calcitonin, which controls calcium levels.
  • Medications like antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, contraceptive pills, steroids, and corticoids can make someone more susceptible to suffering from osteoporosis.
  • Toxic habits like excessive coffee, alcohol, or refined sugar consumption.
  • Thyroid gland or parathyroid imbalances.

Natural Osteoporosis remedies

There is no better cure than prevention.  And to begin with, there is nothing better than a healthy diet, which should be observed from when we are still inside our mother’s belly.  It is during this early age that our bones begin to form, and we definitely need our mother’s dietary “support” while we continue to grow and develop.

It’s never too late, however, to take matters into our own hands, and help our bone system to be strong and healthy.  So below, we will provide you with a list of foods beneficial to the bones that should never be left out from your diet:

Recommended foods

Sprouts, almonds, walnuts, leafy green vegetables, seaweed, alfalfa, beer yeast, pollen, soy sprouts and fresh soy, cheese, tofu (prevents calcium loss in bones), ginseng (this root strengthens the immune system and protects and prevents bone and tooth deterioration), garbanzos, beans, lentils, lemon, and orange.

Exercise: Exercise is so beneficial to the bones and general health that you should never let even one day go by without moving and strengthening your body for at least 30 minutes.  You don’t need to have a set routine, you can go for a walk, a jog, dance, swim, or do home exercises that you enjoy, like stretching.  But keep in mind that outdoor exercises are extremely beneficial because they contribute to good oxygenation, and also help vitamin D absorption from the sun, which is necessary for bone health.

Emotional causes of osteoporosis:

Bones are our body’s support.  Without them, we couldn’t move.  The body continually talks to us about what we feel and think.  Therefore, osteoporosis reflects a mind state in which a feeling of not being supported in life has prevailed.  This could also mean that we feel that our life has no firm structure that we can count on to truly feel fulfilled.

If you want to eradicate osteoporosis or bone weakness, you could begin by considering yourself to be your primary support in life, and who else knows how to better provide you with truly satisfying support?  Perhaps you should begin to trust in yourself more, in being stronger in the things you want, and in trusting that life will provide everything you need if you have the true desire.  Remember, it’s never to late to begin structuring your life how you would like to most.  If you look closely, there is always an opportunity for you to begin directing your life with more strength, firmness, and flexibility.

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