Rejuvenate! And enjoy the wonders of Celery

Celery  is a vegetable rich in sodium and contains large amounts of iron and magnesium, essential for healthy cells within the body.  Sodium is – among other things – important in retaining calcium, which is also essential to the body, and foods, when processed, are converted into either organic or inorganic calcium.
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Inorganic calcium

Inorganic calcium does not provide the nutrition necessary for efficient cell regeneration within the body.  Excessive consumption of calcium through refined and chemically altered sources can lead to inorganic calcium saturating the body, which, rather than allowing our diet to truly nourish the body’s cells, our entire body functioning is then obstructed.  Over time this can cause illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular problems, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and kidney and gallbladder conditions.  The skin also begins to look tired and dull, as cells are not properly nourished nor regenerated.  Sodium’s purpose is precisely to maintain an insulation between the unwanted calcium in the body until it can be eliminated.

Sodium plays a very important role in the lymphatic system and in maintaining healthy blood flow by preventing the blood from becoming too thick.  Celery and carrot juice make an ideal tonic for nourishing the body, while also providing it with minerals.  This tonic is especially effective for the skin, eyes, and blood.  Celery, lettuce, and cabbage juice is a great tonic for those suffering from nerves and insomnia, and is also refreshing for the body in hot climates.

It’s always important to include organic calcium your diet; without it you may be more susceptible to lung conditions.  A lack of organic calcium is one of the primary causes of premature aging.

When you need it most

It’s highly recommended that women, while breastfeeding or during menstruation, drink a combination juice of celery, spinach, carrots, and 3 almonds or oats (which contain calcium).  This juice is extremely beneficial in replenishing the entire body, providing iron and calcium to the body when it most needs it.

So if you want to rejuvenate your looks and health, don’t forget to include some sort of celery juice with organic calcium in your daily diet.  These can be found in several fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, and other foods such as beer yeast, bee’s honey, lemon, oranges, seaweed, sprouts, alfalfa, etc.

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