Spinach: Benefits and properties

Spinach is a leafy, green vegetable, rich in iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.  Spinach juice is always a nutritious remedy for the entire digestive system, the colon, and the bowels.  Spinach is one of the best foods for reconstruction and regeneration of the intestinal tract, has a beneficial and comforting laxative effect, and is also very healthy for the teeth and gums.  It helps prevent pyorrhea and other gum diseases.

Spinach instead of laxatives

It’s normal to take laxatives or purgatives for constipation or problems with eliminating intestinal waste.  But what really happens when you loosen your bowels with pills and syrups, is intestinal irritation to provoke the expulsion of the irritant, thus purging stored waste along with it.  When you take laxatives, the intestines begin to depend on them and thus become “lazy”, each time needing stronger irritants to remove waste.  You increase your consumption, and a time will come when the intestines stop responding all together.  Then we begin to suffer from a series of illnesses due to inactive muscles and intestinal cells.  Purgatives and laxatives also do not provide any sort of nutrients to regenerate or reconstruct the damaged cells.

Instead of taking laxatives, you can rest assured in making yourself delicious spinach drinks  that, beyond nourishing your cells and tissues, reestablish normal tone and healthy, natural functioning of the intestines.

Ways to prepare spinach

You can prepare extremely beneficial smoothies with spinach and several other fruits.  For example, pineapple, guava, and orange or mandarin juice, to which you can then add a little bit of pollen, raw oats, honey, and your smoothie will be a healthy delight not only for the above mentioned reasons, but also to fight anemia, seizures, arthritis, migraines, high or low blood pressure, and to balance the entire hormone system.

For salads it’s highly recommended to use raw spinach with a natural dressing with a touch of sesame, candied nuts, soft cheese or cottage cheese.  Always remember to wash spinach very well, allowing it to sit for a few hours in water with a few drops of disinfectant made especially for vegetables.  Because of the manner in which spinach is harvested, it frequently contains large amounts of dirt and microbes on it.  When eating vegetables, it’s always ideal to eat organic.

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