Avoid the ravages of Menopause with Soy

If you’re going through the uncomfortable symptoms of feeling flushed and hot flashes, these are natural during menopause.  You should know that consuming soy could help you overcome these bad times that prevent you from doing your normal activities as normal.

Avoid the ravages of Menopause with SoySoy has been known and used for a long time in its totality as a food and natural medicine in far Eat countries, like Japan and China.  Effectively, this legume seems to be the perfect food.  It is cheap, can easily be cultivated in almost any climate, and is an optimum source of proteins, minerals and fats.  It also contains vitamins.

Against menopause

One of its most renowned favors regarding health and well-being, however, is its strength to reduce menopause symptoms.  According to epidemiological information, Asian women suffer from less hot flashes and night sweats than Western women, due to their high soy intake.

Menopause symptoms are caused by low estrogen levels.  Estrogen is what controls body temperature.  Although soy does not contain this hormone in its composition, it seems to cause a similar effect, controlling those annoying menopause symptoms, especially hot flashes.

Rich in proteins

Soy is a fantastic source of protein.  Basically it is a seed that contains oil and is said to have double the amount of proteins as contained in cheese, double that of red meat and 10 times that of milk.  That’s why it has become one of the most important consumable good in vegan or vegetarian diets.  They can substitute beef for soy without affecting their nutrition.


This humble plant has recently awoken Western medicine interest from having been proven to be effective against different types of cancer, as well as for preventing cardiovascular diseases, like heart attacks.


Foods rich in proteins, like soy, are recommended during infancy, adolescence and pregnancy, as the body needs larger quantities of this nutrient during these stages.  Likewise, soy is also rich in potassium, which helps good circulation and regulates blood pressure.  That’s why this food is recommended for individuals that suffer from hypertension.

Thanks to the potassium, it regulated body fluids and can prevent rheumatic diseases or arthritis.

The power of zinc

Soy’s high zinc content facilitates the body’s absorption and storage of insulin.  The zinc contained in this food contributes to sexual maturity and helps in the growth process.  It is also beneficial for the immune system and healing wounds, as well as metabolizing proteins.

Phosphorus and fiber

Because soy is rich in fiber, it promotes intestinal movement as well as helping control obesity.  It is recommended to improve glucose control in diabetics.

It reduces cholesterol and prevents colon cancer.  Because soy is rich in phosphorus it helps keep bones and teeth healthy and the skin balances, as it helps maintain the body’s natural pH level.

And lastly, because of its high vitamin content, consuming soy helps overcome stress and depression.

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