A Waist to Shape your Figure

The waist is one of the most noticed areas of the body on a woman.  It contrasts and give a harmonious accent to the hips and bust.  On a man’s body, however, a tightly muscled, fat-free waist represents aesthetic balance in manly bodily proportions.

A Waist to Shape your FigureWe tend to store fat in the waist.  That’s why it is sometimes difficult to form an attractive waist, because if our abdomen is flabby and fatty, it will be difficult to let our waist shine.

That’s why, in order to shrink your waist it’s necessary to not only do exercises, but to follow these much needed tips for your exercise to take effect.

Accumulated fat

If you have a bulky midsection and are carrying around a spare tire, it is highly probably that you have accumulated fat.  The belly can become inflamed for several reasons, but if you follow a good diet and perform exercises to strengthen your muscles, it will be difficult for you belly to swell up.  The best suggestions would be to drink fresh fruit juices, eliminate all fried or stuffed meats from your diet, and eat as little refined sugar, refined bread and cow’s milk as possible.

MASSAGES: Mesotherapy, along with other weight-loss massages, is another alternative for slimming your waist.

YOGA: practicing yoga helps burn a lot of fat and to tone, strengthen, and to create flexibility and harmony within the muscles.

EXERCISE: any form of abdominal exercise helps to slim the waist.  Remember to be patient and consistent, and don’t give up if you don’t see results over night.  I promise you that if you are patient, and you follow a proper diet, in less than three months you will begin to see a change.  It is always preferable to work slowly with a natural rhythm, rather than quickly and with other techniques that could cause different effects.

Daily routine:

An exercise routine is daily.  Make sure to set aside only 10 minutes of your time to tone your abs.

1. Get a short warm-up in, such as walking, stretching, etc.

2. Remember that the ideal size is one thing, while the realistic is another.  Your natural waist proportions follow the general proportions of your body and stature.

3. A perfect exercise for the waist is to stand with your feet apart, spread shoulder distance apart and knees slightly bent.  Place your hands behind your neck and bend your trunk to the left, keeping a straight spine.  Do this with strength, and feel the lateral part of your body stretch.  Then return to starting position, and do the same thing, but for the right side.  You can try another variety for this exercise by placing the hands on the waist.

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