The Orange Diet: helps Weight Loss and heals the body

With their fresh, sweet, and aromatic flavor, oranges are a much loved fruit for several reasons.  Not only are they a delicacy to the tongue, they also possess excellent health for the body.

Orange Diet: helps Weight Loss and heals the bodyOne of the greatest properties of oranges is that is they are a cleansing and disinfecting food that can be used therapeutically in the following ways:

  • To cleanse the gums and tongue: By sucking, or holding its juice in your mouth, oranges help reduce swelling of the gums, prevents the mouth from drying out, helps heallesions or split or dirty tongue by removing oral dryness.  Massaging the peel on your gums (after brushing your teeth) helps cleanse them, and prevents bleeding gums.  Applying the white part of the peel (on the inside) on lesions helps to dry them out, and prevent them from spreading.
  • Cleanses throat infections: orange juice is a perfect decongestant of toxic residues and accumulated bacteria in the throat and tonsils.  In order to cure your throat with orange juice, you must drink one liter of orange juice in the morning, before breakfast, and another liter in the afternoon.  Do not mix with food.  You definitely should not strain the juice, as the pulp serves as a special fiber in cleaning the throat.
  • Cleanses the intestines: The body cannot be healthy if the intestines are not clean.  Starting an orange juice diet three times a month is a very effective way of removing possible residues and deposits of accumulated waste in the intestines.

Loose weight and regain health with the orange diet:

To loose weight it is absolutely necessary, as mentioned above, to drink 2 liters of orange juice a day: one before breakfast, and the other in the afternoon.  You must drink the juice at least 30 minutes before eating any other food, and at least 2 hours after eating.  The juice must be fresh (just squeezed), and never bottled.  This diet will help to sweep out and loosen up accumulated and excess fat in the body, along with waste and toxins that can lead to weight gain.  You must eat it with the pulp, and if possible, peel the orange and eat it in chunks.

With this diet, the body will not only loose weight, but will also benefit in the following ways:

  • Clean the blood, liver, and skin
  • Dissolve residues in the stomach
  • Helps heal ulcers
  • Prevents and helps heal infections
  • Helps heal wounds
  • Perfect for treating pancreatitis
  • Makes bile and pancreatic juices flow
  • Fights constipation
  • Used to treat hemorrhoids
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Removes accumulated mucous
  • Oranges disinfect and cleanse the colon
  • Strengthen and heal the kidneys and glands
  • Help effectively treat cysts, ulcers, tumors, and bladder inflammation

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