Correct salt usage

Some say it’s necessary for vital organ functioning while others say it’s extremely harmful to the body.  Of course, the body does need salt for certain metabolic reasons, the stomach needs it for its metabolic processes.  The proper term for salt is sodium chloride.  Today in age we consume too much chemically processed salt (iodized salt).  The biggest problem with salt is its over consumption.

Correct salt usageLittle by little we get used to adding more and more salt to our food, which creates a vicious circle because the taste buds located on the tongue become used to foods heavily salted or flavored, and we begin to lose the natural flavor of things.  If we then don’t add salt to things, they begin to taste flavorless.

Over consumption

The over consumption of salt can then begin to imbalance some of the body’s primary organs.  The kidneys, for example, are able to remove approximately 5 grams of salt per day from the body.  If the amount of salt in one’s diet increases, it will remain in the body in some form.  When this then begins to concentrate, it then begins to harm the body.  When salt levels are high the body is then forced to store it in various tissues and bodily organs in a solution of roughly 20 parts water to one part salt.  This explains the term “water retention”, which means that neither the kidneys nor the skin were able to remove the excess salt, for being overworked and over saturated.  The first thing that salt over consumption produces is weight gain.

When there’s an excess of salt in the body, certain organs quickly advise the body of this imbalance.  The skin, eyes, and mucous membranes, for example, begin to dry out, losing their glow and becoming dull.  The skin wrinkles more easily and the eyes are more easily irritated.  Remember, the Egyptians used salt to embalm, which is why they say that people who consume a lot of salt are “well preserved”.

Correct salt usage

The correct amount of salt to consume per day is between 0.2 to 0.5 grams a day.  There are many people out there who consume more than 13 grams a day, at which level it most definitely becomes poisonous.

So the next time you see the salt shaker, don’t forget that an over consumption of salt causes: kidney failure, intestinal irritation, rheumatism, hair loss, constipation, bags under the eyes, kidney stones and gallstones, and imbalances within the liver, skin, blood and heart.  Beyond just proper usage of salt, it’s important to use large sea salt (non-processed) or vegetable salt sold in health food stores.  

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