A little bit about vitamin A

This vitamin is very efficient in combating skin infections, colds, and vaginal discharge.  People that take antibiotics or high doses of medications that affect the pituitary and cause damage to the liver, kidneys, stomach aches and headaches, should eat foods rich in vitamin A.  Cod fish oil, carrots, broccoli, leafy green vegetables, etc. all contain vitamin A.

shopping bagConditions that cause vitamin A deficiency are: weakness in the eyes, poor vision, infections, weight loss, acne, poor digestion, dry and rough skin, lesions, and diarrhea.  In children, this can cause stunted growth as vitamin A encourages growth.

Vitamin A controls and prevents respiratory, ear and bladder infections, along with skin and digestive illnesses.  It creates greater tolerance and elasticity within tissues.


Cooking temperatures leave this vitamin virtually unaltered, but high temperatures do destroy it in the presence of oxygen.  If you make carrot juice, it’s advisable to drink it immediately, without exposing it to the sun.

Usage within the body

Excess vitamin A is quickly eliminated by the body when under pressure or exhaustion, although it can be stored for the body’s future needs.

Foods that contain vitamin A

 All fresh vegetables with green leaves, such as spinach, broccoli, alfalfa, sprouts, peppers, parsley, cilantro, lettuce, Swiss chard, rosemary, etc.  It’s also found in tomatoes, peas, sweet potatoes, curly endive, celery, pumpkins, and above all, carrots.  Goat’s milk is also very rich in vitamin A, along with egg yolk, yogurt, whole milk, bananas, cheese, apricots, peaches, melons, plums, mangoes, etc.

Vitamin A smoothies

You can mix any of the aforementioned vegetables and drink one liter of them a day.  Drink it preferably during the afternoon, and don’t combine it with any other foods.  Try not to mix fruits with vegetables as the sugar from the fruits ferments other foods quickly.  This vitamin is extremely important for kids.  Try to leave some of the fresh fruits and vegetables mentioned above in their lunch with a little bit of salt and lime, so they can get this vitamin every morning.



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