Diet and emergency Tips for Summer

Do you want to look beautiful? Pay attention to these tips for Summer. The beach, the sun, and bathing suits (especially bikinis) are impatiently waiting for us to simply decide to take a good break, and enjoy one of the blessings of these hot and humid times, full of the warmest and sweetest lights of all: summer.

Diet and emergency Tips for Summer Do you feel like your body’s not ready, or isn’t in shape enough to go out and shine with pride?  Have you let yourself go?  Well.  Don’t feel like there’s no time to do anything.  Although we don’t believe in any of those miracle diets, we do believe that you can do a lot of things to give your body the best shape possible, even if you’re thinking about going out next week.

Tips for summer

There are three basic, indispensable parts of the body that make it shine aesthetically: the abdomen, the glutes, and the chest.  If you feel that you’ve let any of these areas of your body go, and you don’t dare put on your bikini, here we will give you a few emergency tips to help you look better.  You will see how much you can do if you have the will to show off your body.

How to start?

ABDOMEN: in order for your abs to look flat and firm, from here on out you need to stop eating anything that makes you bulge or gives you inflammation.  Leave behind any foods that contain white or refined flour (cookies, cakes, breads, etc.), refined sugars (especially sodas that inflate the abdomen), and avoid animal milks and its byproducts.  Try to eat a lot of salads and products with fiber.  Drink more than 2 liters of fresh water a day.  In the morning, before breakfast, drink the juice of two lemons diluted with warm water, on an empty stomach.  This will help you burn harmful fats and toxins that easily accumulate in the area of the hips and abdomen.  This will also cleanse your blood and intestines, so that your skin looks more fresh, healthy, and clean.

One trick to show off a firmer and flatter abdomen is to correct your posture.  You should straighten up and tighten your abdomen, without pushing your glutes out or throwing your chest out.  Your posture should look relaxed, but not curved.  Although you may not believe it, walking upright is a key point for not having an abdomen that looks droopy, and you will look taller, more elegant, and will have a better demeanor.  So tell your friend or whoever is walking with you to give you a pinch if you start humping over or let your abdomen relax.

GLUTES: If your glutes are flaccid or don’t have shape, a good bikini could help create an optical effect that hides these details.  Bikinis that hug your hips could favor girls with a large waist or hips.  On the other hand, however, bathing suits or bikinis that have a raised leg outline, favor thin girls.  Do not use a very tight bikini if your skin is flaccid, as this could accentuate your flaccidity.  Opt for loose fitting bikinis that are lightly colored.  If you’re going to the beach, take advantage of the sand by exfoliating those flaccid areas.  Also, don’t forget to walk in the sand to strengthen your legs, hips, and glutes.

WIDE HIPS OR GLUTES: if you have very wide or flaccid hips, you could wrap a little beach skirt over your bikini (sometimes called a beach wrap).  You will find a lot of styles and colors at the beaches, long or short, which look fairly good, and can be a very attractive touch to your bikini.  They are also wonderful for hiding wide hips and glutes, and walking in your bikini with one of these on will make you feel more secure.

CHEST (women): if you feel your chest is droopy, you could fix that with a bikini that tightens up and has a special lining to keep your breasts in place.  Posture is very important here as well, because if you slouch, all of those defects will be open to the public, and your chest will look very droopy.  Remember to stand up straight whenever you can.

Do not forget to use good sunscreen so you don’t damage your skin, and drink vegetable juices (especially carrot) to keep your skin fresh and young.  And enjoy your vacation!

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