Oranges and their Medicinal Uses

It’s customary in many places around the world to have a glass of orange juice first thing in the morning.  Since I was small, It was always the first thing I asked for, before anything else.  One time I threw a huge fit because they didn’t bring me my juice.  I was used to having it, it had become habit not to eat anything before my juice.  But beyond this routine of fresh orange juice was something I truly appreciated; its sweet and aromatic taste was not only for my taste buds, but my body accepted it as a treat, perhaps because the wise body, as always, knew that it was one of the best ways of starting the day.

Oranges and their Medicinal UsesOranges help with eliminating residual materials in the body, which is why it’s best to start the day by cleansing the stomach, removing bacteria from the mouth, and purifying the blood and intestines.  It’s a very beneficial fruit as far as providing the body with vitamins, while invigorating and refreshing all our systems.  It is exceptionally rich in vitamins.

Medicinal benefits of the Oranges

Oranges has several medicinal benefits as well.  The meat and juice of the orange are used to purify the blood, treat anemia, strengthen the immune system, reinforce our body’s defenses in fighting against all types of infectious fevers like smallpox, measles, syphilis, etc.  It’s used to treat pimples and rashes on the skin, acne, ovarian tumors, problems with the bladder and kidneys, and it can even dissolve kidney stones when mixed with lemon juice and taken on a special citrus diet.  It is also a perfect remedy for all types of colds, pneumonia, cough, bronchitis, and all sorts of infections.

Ancient doctors used to use oranges to cure all these illnesses, and several others that existed during those times.  Drinking a glass every morning revitalizes the glandular system and allows for healthy growth and development of all bodily functions.  If added to lemon juice and drank every morning before breakfast, children can detoxify their blood to the point that allergies, rashes due to irritation, and other infections disappear.  Oranges are great sources of calcium, and help children develop strong bones.  Pregnant mothers should also eat this fruit, as continually eating oranges, either juiced or whole, helps provide minerals to the fetus, while also helping to develop its organs.  This, in turn, helps notably reduce birthing pains.  

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