Kidney Stones and the Citrus Diet

Kidney stones are solid masses that form inside the kidneys due to and accumulation of salts and other substances.  They can be very small, like a grain of salt (in which case they can be passed through the urine), or as big as a lemon, obstructing the urinary tract and causing a lot of pain.

For those that suffer from kidney stones aKidney Stones and the Citrus Dietnd want to try a completely natural and effective solution for dissolving and eliminating them, you should consider a medicinal dose of orange or citrus juice.  Beyond producing multiple benefits throughout the entire body, a citrus diet is extraordinarily useful in this particular case.  Those who have experienced the success of this diet can vouch for its success, that after having suffered severe kidney pain due to a careless diet over the years, finally tried the citrus diet and in just a few days, eliminated the stones through urination.  Of course, the effects of this diet can vary by person, depending on how willfully you assume the diet along with the overall health of the body and the size of the stones.  However, if you have the drive to try natural medicine, and believe in its curative power, you can begin this regimen and the results will speak for themselves.  Please remember that taking medicine does not stimulate the body’s natural curative strength.  Proper diet and medicinal use of food is truly extraordinary in stimulating the body’s curative force.  You need only willpower and love for yourself.

The citrus diet is as following:


Drink half a liter of orange juice every morning on an empty stomach.  Do not eat anything for the following half hour.  Afterwards, eat something light, such as toast, dates, cream, oatmeal.  It would be best to have a citrus fruit cocktail with strawberries, pineapple, guava, etc., with a bit of oats sprinkled on top.

It it very important not to mix citrus with anything that is not citrus, because citrus incompatibility with any other food negates the entire medicinal effect of the diet.  This is why it’s very important to pay attention to the times consume citrus, so the juices and citrus fruits can be properly digested (it takes the body roughly half an hour to digest).  This way they will produce the desired medicinal effect.

At noontime, or before eating

Half an hour before eating, drink another half liter of fresh orange juice, mixed with some type of citrus fruit and the juice of two lemons.


Eat a soup of your liking and a fresh, raw vegetable salad half an hour before dinner.  For dinner you must eat as little as possible, something very light, such as a vegetarian sandwich, or an apple or carrot salad.


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