Health and Beauty for your Eyes

The eyes are the window into the soul.  A clear and healthy gaze is like a clear lake, uncontaminated and reflecting with clarity pristine color and images.  It’s a pleasure to see someone with moist eyes, full of life, like two drops of pure and colorful water.  The eyes speak about everything we think and feel, they reflect our dietary habits, our general health, and our deepest emotional states.  By paying attention to our eyes, we pay attention to everything we are.  Continue reading and we’ll give you great advice for giving special attention to your eyes.
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Dark circles

Dark circles are caused by blood pooling  under the eyes, generally due to a lack of iron.  Beyond consuming dark, leafy greens to balance your diet with iron, follow these exercise tips:

Sitting comfortably with the back straight, look directly forward.  Then, without moving the head, look up as much as you can without causing pain.  Blink and relax.  Repeat three or four times, and then rest the eyes by closing them.  This exercise increases circulation under the eyes.


There is nothing better than carrots (Vitamin A) and lemon (Vitamin C) for infections.  If you are going to make yourself carrot juice its important not to mix this with the lemon, and vice versa, as the lemon negates the vitamins in the carrot.  Drink each juice separately, allowing a half an hour between each juice.

Eye boogers

Wash your eyes frequently with chamomile tea.  If you have honey, apply a drop of this dissolved in a little bit of water.

Eye boogers represent an excess of toxins that your body can’t eliminate through normal pathways.  It is important that if you suffer from eye boogers that you avoid or eliminate flour, refined sugar, and sausages from your diet.

Dry and dull eyes

You are eating a lot of salt or heavily flavored food.  Beyond monitoring food consumption, drink a lot of pure water, at least three liters a day.

Irritated eyes

Staring at the computer for extended periods of time, contamination, and extended sun exposure can all cause irritated eyes.  Aside from taking precautions with all of these, grated potato compresses are excellent for relaxing the eyes.  Leave them on each one of your eyes for 15 minutes.  It is necessary to use organic potatoes for this remedy.

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