New Year’s Eve parties? Begin with beautiful eyes

Who doesn’t like to looks at crisp, healthy, brilliant, beautiful eyes, with a clear and strong gaze?  Eye health is just as important as health of the rest of the body.  Beautiful eyes are probably the most attractive parts of anyone; they reflect lots of things, even if we don’t want them to.

beautiful eyesShortly, we’ll leave you with some very important tips so that you can shine healthy eyes and a captivating gaze at your parties, that will dance in the night’s festivities.

Diet for Beautiful Eyes

Diet is key, because if your body is saturated with toxins, your eyes will be dull and energy-less.  So try drinking juices made from acidic fruits in the morning, to cleanse your body.   Don’t forget vitamin A in your diet, which is found in carrots, and orange fruits and vegetables.  Avoid as best you can, consuming white sugar, or any of its harmful derivatives like soda, cakes, and canned products.  White sugar is very harmful to the body, and alters and wears away at the nervous system.  It causes a lot of stress and anxiety.

Calm down

Stress is one of the most starkly accentuated things reflected in our eyes.  So try to read things that nourish your spirit, that promote confidence, and reduce your anxiety.


Contaminated air, the cold, and cigarette smoke are just a few environmental factors the dry out and irritate the eyes.  If you’re going out for the night and it’s windy, try to wear glasses, and avoid standing close to people who are smoking.


Over-using the computer is one of the things that wears vision down.  If you’re going to be sitting in front of the monitor for a long time, try to give yourself 5 to 10 minute breaks every 45 minutes.


The sun is very good for the eyes, when used correctly.  In the morning, look at the sun for a few seconds, opening and closing your eyes quickly, and moving your head from side to side

Look from far away

Whenever you can, look at things far away from your house, and try to follow their outline very slowly.  This is a perfect exercise for strengthening sight.

Bags under the eyes

To avoid getting bags under your eyes, you must eat healthy foods, and avoid too much salt.  It is also necessary to get enough rest.  One exercise to avoid or fight bags under the eyes is to sit down, spine erect, looking up and down without moving your next.  Blink slowly, 3 times.  Do this so long as there is no pain.

How to look

Here are some tips to using all those powers of seduction that the eyes contain:

  • Practice looking at yourself in the mirror with a steady gaze.  Keep looking at yourself for a few minutes.  This helps strengthen your gaze.
  • When you say hi to someone, look them straight in the eyes with friendliness.
  • Observe your gaze in the mirror, and observe what it expresses when you say something.  Then stay silent, and try to express the same thing just by looking.  Don’t force it, let it come naturally.
  • Avoid putting too much make-up on your eyes.  There are lots of tricks to doing make-up so that your eyes shine naturally.
  • If you feel tense or sad, and it’s hard for you to look someone in the eyes directly, or peacefully, take a deep breath, and focus on the other person’s eyes.

And finally, try to look at beautiful things, like nature or happy things.  This, in reality, is the best food for having beautiful eyes.

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