Juice Therapy with Fruit

One way of consuming healthy foods lies in eating fruits and vegetables in the best way possible to obtain maximum benefit.  Juice therapy is a very effective alternative for this, and can be practiced alongside other therapies.  It is for all ages and seasons of the year.  Juice therapy is a method that, when practiced well, does not produce side effects.  This nutritive alternative helps to cure, prevent, and even eradicate a wide range of sicknesses, ailments, and annoyances caused by dietary deficiencies.

Juice therapy with FruitIf you neglect a proper diet and consume processed foods or sugars in excess, including refined breads, saturated fats, etc., your body will greatly benefit from this therapy, which is also easy to carry out.

The use of juices specially prepared to heal are quickly absorbed.  It’s effect is revitalizing, nutritious, energetic, enzymatic, chemical, and especially cleaning and detoxifying.  Juice therapy includes not only fruits, but vegetables as well.  Because of how lengthy this topic can be, here we will focus solely of juices made with fruits.

It is nice to know – if you want to practice this therapy – the most convenient way to blend fruits, and their basis and principals so as to take full advantage of all the benefits, potentials and limits that fruit provides us.


Fruits are a rejuvenating food whose enzymes burn fat in the body and aid cellular repairs.  They also provide a very healthy form of energy.  Lipids, which are fats or oils contained in fruits and vegetables, are a great source of energy reserves.

Classification of fruits

Among fruits we find the categories sweet, semisweet, acidic, and semi-acidic.

SWEET: Bananas, peaches, figs, mamey, watermelon, raisins, etc.

SEMISWEET: Mango, apple, melon, papaya, pear, grapes, soursop, some peaches, etc.

ACIDIC: strawberries, raspberries, guava, lemon, oranges, pineapple, grapefruit, blackberry, kiwi.

SEMI-ACIDIC: plums, apricots, Japanese plums, Tejocote, some grapes, some kiwis, etc.

Mix fruit for juices in the following fashion:





General recommendations in the Juice therapy

  • It is important not to mix more than three fruits at a time
  • Do not mix sweet fruit with acidic
  • Juices should be drank very slowly, savoring them
  •  It’s ideal to make a juice with citrus fruit for the morning, as it is cleansing and detoxifying for the body
  • If you are going to drink a juice with citrus fruit, try not to sweeten it with anything other than honey.  Do not eat for the following 30 minutes, which is the amount of time needed to digest the citrus.
  • Melon, coconut, mamey, watermelon or some sweet or semisweet fruit juices are best for mid afternoon, to recover lost energy throughout the day and to reanimate.  Try not to sweeten with anything except for a little bit of honey.

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