Tai-Chi Chuan and its influence on Health

The word Tai-Chi-Chuan – expressed in Tai Chinese ideograms – action, Chi, internal energy, and Chuan signify internal energetic action expressed through the palms or fists (another known name for this is supreme boxing).

WarriorTai-Chi Chuan is based on cultivating internal strength, an art executed with extreme gentleness and concentration by the practitioner.  The body forms are made up of a series of movements differentiated from each other and linked together in a way that globally creates one sole movement.

It has been practiced for more than 600 years in China to treat illnesses and strengthen the body.  It is used therapeutically as it has been scientifically proven to better and stimulate cerebral cortex functions, and can also correct abnormal reactions or imbalances within the body.  It generally tones abdominal organs and muscles, and develops and stimulates the body’s self-control.

An electroencephalogram of a Tai-Chi Chuan practitioner has shown noticeable differences from someone who does not practice.  A non-practitioner’s electroencephalogram, while conscious, presents several high frequency, low amplitude waves of 50 uV, with unsatisfactory synchronicity.  That of the Tai-Chi Chuan practitioner presents considerable alpha waves of 8 hertz, with an amplitude up to 180 uV, with a tendency for different cerebral areas to synchronize.  This phenomenon is most notable in the frontal lobes (supreme centers for the central nervous system and headquarters of cognitive activities), and parietal lobes.  The longer one practices Tai-Chi Chuan, the better cerebral functions become. Alpha waves will be more synchronized and the electroencephalogram with show even more low frequency waves.

It is interesting to observe how breathing rate slows and becomes deeper during Tai-Chi Chuan practice, which increases vitality.  During practice, diaphragm movement deepens as well, while air circulation volume decreases each minute.

Through regulation and conscious control of breathing, vegetative nervous system disruptions can be cured and its functions are once again stabilized.  It has been proven that a person’s oxygen consumption while practicing Tai-Chi Chuan is reduced by 30%, the metabolism decreases by 20%, and breathing rate and air passage per minute is also reduced.  This indicates the the patient finds himself in a state of low metabolism which establishes the base to overcome sicknesses through its love energy consumption.

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