Diet for the Nervous System

Lowering your levels of stress, anxiety, apathy, nervousness, depression, tiredness, etc. is truly possible with an effective diet for a healthy nervous system.  Taking into account that in today’s world life is fast-paced and demanding, requiring our concentration, interest, calmness, happiness, a smile even when we don’t want to, it becomes necessary that we give our nervous system all types of nutrition so the hustle and bustle doesn’t use us up and make us sick.  Making proper dietary choices is the principal key.Nervous System

Before we do anything else, we must do everything possible to remove white sugar from our diet, and everything that contains it.  This food (if you can even call it such) is the primary cause of more than 90% of nervous system ailments.  Lowering your consumption of white sugar, or eliminating it completely, is absolutely necessary to recover your equilibrium, youth, and healthful functioning of this system.

It’s advisable to increase your consumption of carbohydrates.  Fresh fruits, unprocessed grains, and dairy products are great foods for the nervous system.  These foods act as tranquilizers by increasing the amount of neurotransmitters with relaxing properties (serotonin) in the brain.

Caffeine can frequently alter the nervous system too.  You should substitute coffee for herbal tea or fresh fruits, including the most relaxing and refreshing ones for the brain, such as chamomile, mint, eucalyptus, orange blossom, St. John’s Wort, lemon and lime blossom, etc.  These drinks are great tonics for the nervous system if taken without sweetener and a little bit of soy milk, very warm, at night.

Include citrus fruits and fresh water in your diet to help healthy functioning of the nervous system.  If you’re hungry in between meals, try to eat salads or fresh vegetables.  Avoid junk food.

Sleeping well, going to bed at a set time and avoiding thinking about things is necessary for a healthy nervous system.

In your diet you should also include not only food but a mental diet of thoughts and emotions.  Taking a half an hour each to to try to simply observe what you think and do, avoiding judgment of getting caught up in some emotion, is very refreshing for the nervous system.  This is a type of meditation that is very necessary these days to keep a wide perspective on everything that happens.  This refreshes the mind so that our daily experiences don’t weigh us down or annoy us.  In this way we arrive at the end of the day fresher, and able to sleep well without problems or things left unresolved rob us of sleep.

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