Xanthelasma: Causes and Natural Treatment

Xanthelasmas are small benign tumors or fatty growths also known as cholesterol stress, which are located near the eyelid, although they could also be found in other areas of the skin.  They are also known as xanthomas.  This condition is characterized by frequently appearing in both eyes and appears in the shape of yellow colored scales.
Xanthelasma: Causes and Natural Treatment

Causes of Xanthelasma

  • They are common in adults with metabolic disorders like hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, and biliary cirrhosis.
  • Changes is cholesterol metabolism.
  • Emotional causes: low feelings of happiness or fulfillment or a feeling that your happiness is obstructed or you fear it, are emotional attitudes that could predispose and individual to this condition.  Also, observing things that don’t make you happy, like relationships or work that cause dissatisfaction.

Treatment for Xanthelasma

Surgical resection is one of the most commonly used techniques, especially with the xanthelasmas are on the upper eyelid.  This technique is limited with the lower eyelid, because this area is less flexible.

There are other techniques, like laser or Peeling with trichloroacetic acid, but both of these generally leave scars and hyper-pigmentation (marks), although there are some types of lasers that don’t leave scars.

However, natural treatment is always advisable before any other.  Xanthelasmas can be removed by keeping certain factors in mind that help the body to strengthen its self-healing ability.

Diet for treating xanthelasmas

Diet, as in all health cases, is fundamental.  You must avoid packaged foods, harmful fats, red and fried meats, as well as refined products (sugar, pastries, flour, pasta, etc.), junk food and cow’s milk (and derivatives).  All this does is overload the body with harmful fats and prevents the body from healing itself.

A cleansing diet can be very effective for removing xanthelasmas.  This diet is a three consecutive day diet, in which you choose a fruit (preferably pineapple, grapes, papaya, or oranges) and eat just that, plus two liters of fresh water a day.  This diet is only recommendable in adults.

For children and adolescents, they can follow this diet, but by adding three meals a day.  They should avoid these prohibited foods and should avoid mixing the chosen fruits with the other meals.  The fruit should be eaten on an empty stomach, half an hour before breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Meals should be as raw as possible, without frying, and try to keep them whole.  Do not condiment them too much, using very little salt.  All of this prevents saturated fats from becoming stuck, and balances cholesterol levels, as well as increases the body’s defenses and strengthening organs and systems.

A few recommended foods when you have xanthelasma are:

  • Whole grain rice with vegetables
  • Oats with soy milk
  • Miso broth with whole grain rice
  • Whole grain toast with vegetables
  • Vegetarian sandwich or grilled chicken
  • Vegetable soup (not cooked very much) with chicken herbs
  • Vegetable salad or vegetables
  • Vegetable juices, one glass of carrot juice a day will be fantastic for you
  • Eating one clove of fresh garlic before breakfast or at night will help tremendously at dissolving the xanthelasmas.

These foods are also recommendable for adults after the three day cleansing diet.

Here is a list of recommended foods and supplements for strenghtening the immune system and fighting xanthelasma:

  • Garlic, onion and lemon should not be lacking in your diet.  They are potent cleansers and will help dissolve harmful fat deposits accumulated in the body.  They will also help fight xanthelasma.
  • Drink two cups of green tea a day, 20 minutes after having eaten.  Add the juice from one half squeezed lemon.  Do not sweeten with anything.
  • Take one teaspoon of propolis or Royal Jelly a day.
  • Juice from grapes, apples, or blueberries is excellent in your situation.  Remember not to mix fruits with any other food, so drink the juice between meals, on an empty stomach.
  • Tomato or carrot juice will also help do wonders on your body.  Sip this juice with your meals, trying to drink it when freshly blended.
  • Chlorophyll and spiruline seaweed can also be included in your healing diet.  The are fantastic supplements.

Other tips for improving Xanthelasma:

  • Rest very well and avoid stress or pressure.
  • Get out to walk or take a stroll whenever you can, to areas away from city contamination.  Avoid closed areas where people are smoking.
  • Read things that nourish your spirit and give you options for connecting to yourself and discovering yourself.
  • You could ask for a bio-energetic massage, or an acupuncture session or reflexology to help support you in your healing process.
  • Perform physical activity that you enjoy and that helps liberate tension.

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