Royal Jelly and its amazing effects on Health and Beauty

Honey, pollen, propolis and other bee products have a solid reputation in the world of natural remedies and cosmetics due to its amazing effects on health and beauty.  Royal Jelly falls into this category, and doesn’t disappoint in being one of the most effective and powerful products that nature bestows upon us.  The existence of this product has proven to be a wonderful medicinal alternative for human beings.  The best example to understand the power of this food can be seen even among the bees themselves.  While the working bee lives a mere 40 days, the queen bee has a long reproductive life of between 4 to 5 years.  This difference is due to the fact the the queen bees sustain themselves on this so-called “bee’s milk”, or Royal Jelly.

Royal Jelly and its amazing effects on Health and BeautyRoyal Jelly carries a secret potential within its molecules, capable of bringing vitality and longevity to those that consume it.  Royal Jelly is excellent at rejuvenating the body’ cells, and also creates a sensation of well-being, peace, and happiness in those that consume it.  Royal Jelly also stimulates the appetite, is a great help in cases of anemia, convalescence, tiredness, depression, anxiety, apathy, anemic and muscular weakness, along with weak vision and dull mental processes.  It’s also recommended for nervous, circulatory and vascular conditions.  It can bring very effective results in treating cardiac illness, liver problems, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, gastric ulcers (quickens healing), etc.

Face masks using this jelly as its base prove to be a natural remedy extremely effective in rejuvenating the skin, removing scars, and bringing a soft, fresh, and glowing texture to the skin.

Mask recipe with Royal Jelly to rejuvenate all skin types


One soup spoon of Royal Jelly

Two Tbsp. of plain, sugar-free yogurt

A few drops of lemon juice

Mix all ingredients until forming a thick cream.  If it seems too light, add more jelly.  Apply immediately

How to apply

Wash your face well.  With your ring finger, add small dots of the cream to your skin, little by little, until completely covering your face.  Begin with the forehead until making your way down to your neck.  If you have any left over, spread it on your hands and arms.  Lay down and let the cream sit for 20 minutes (this is best done at night).  If you have a vaporizer you can use it so that the jelly penetrates even deeper.  Once done, wash your face, preferably with mineral water.  You can apply a little more cream and sleep with it on your face.  The next morning you will have a fresh and new face to start the day with.

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