Long, Beautiful Hair

A beautiful hair is very important for a woman. A full, brilliant, and soft head of hair is not only attractive, but a sign of good and generally balanced health.  It is said that due to the amount of silicon that healthy and long hair contains, it helps keep the body’s nervous system healthy.
Long, Beautiful Hair

Diet for having a beautiful hair

There are several factors involved in keeping hair healthy.  Metabolic factors, for example, are especially reflected in the hair.  It is very likely that if you have health problems, vitamin deficiency, poor nutrition, inactivity (good circulation and nutrient distribution), the way your hair looks will quickly show it.  That’s why it is absolutely necessary to follow a healthy diet, as the first requisite for healthy hair.

  • Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals recommended for hair:  beer yeast, pollen, avocado, tomato, olive oil, green peppers, fish, salmon, linseed, broccoli.

Conditioning for a Beautiful Hair

The sun, chlorine, blow dryer, dies, wind and contamination, among other environmental factors, all lead to hair deterioration.  It is necessary to condition at least once a week with a homemade cream made from avocado, olive oil, mayonnaise, and a few drops of lemon.  You can also apply a special vile to each strand of hair.  We recommend the following:

  • Avoid extended sun exposure
  • Wet your hair before going swimming, so your hair does not absorb the chlorine
  • Avoid using dryers or curling irons
  • If it’s windy out, use a scarf
  • Prefer gentle shampoos, free of detergents
  • Cut your hair a little bit every month


If this part of your body is unhealthy it will be impossible for your hair to shine beautifully.  So pay attention to this rarely seen area, and be sure to treat it special.

  • Give yourself a gentle but vigorous massage with the pads of your fingers (watch out for your nails).  This activates circulation and helps remove dead cells, dirt, and filth from the scalp.
  • Lay down on an inclined table every day, allowing the reverse flow of blood to help bring all the nutrients to your head, while oxygenating the cells in the back side of your body.
  • Every time you are working or studying, either for long periods of time or while tense, tell your scalp to relax.  When you’re tense, your scalp contracts, creating premature hair loss and brittleness.
  • Sleep well.
  • Brush your hair with natural horsehair bristles every night for 15 minutes.
  • Drink lots of water!

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