Emergency Regimen: Model abs in 2 Weeks

You think it’s impossible?  Well, that depends on you and how much strength and willpower you have to make your abs spectacular.  Making your abdomen firm and flat is possible, and you can do this in very little time if you are determined.  So get to work and don’t give up.  Soon you will see that if you follow these tips verbatim, your abdomen will look brand new in very little time, and you’ll be able to wear whatever you want.
Emergency Regimen: Model abs in 2 Weeks

Routine for shaping and burning abdominal fat in two weeks


Diet is absolutely important, as the waist and abdomen are areas that save and accumulate extra fat.  That’s why is is difficult to keep this area in shape.  However, with this diet, you will see your abdomen begin to shrink in size.

Before breakfast: drink one glass of fresh blueberry, goji berry, or grapefruit juice, and one glass of warm green tea with lemon juice squeezed in it.  Do not eat anything else for the next half hour.  These juices are excellent for burning extra fat and dislodging toxins, gas, and accumulated toxic substances from the intestines.  They are excellent cleansers.

Breakfast: Eat one plate of papaya and one cup of oats, or a plate of pineapple and one amaranth energy bar (or any other grain).  Make the effort to avoid any sort of refined pastries or white sugar during this time.  They only cause extra weight in the body.  During breakfast, avoid all types of bread.  Instead, always opt for grain bars or a cup of oats or atole.

Between breakfast and lunch: if you get hungry, eat a banana.  They have a lot of fiber, and will also make you feel satiated.  You could also eat an orange, or drink celery and carrot juice.

Lunch: all you get is one casserole (a hot meal), which should always be accompanied by a salad and one cup of green or red tea, or horehound.  The casserole should not have any type of red meat; you are only allowed chicken and fish.  If you eat soup, the soup counts as a meal.  If you eat meat, it should not be fried, but rather, grilled.  You should accompany it with a salad of fresh vegetable, or steamed vegetables (without over cooking).  Do not drink anything other than the recommended infusions.  You should not eat dessert nor fruit at this time, as the sugar in fruit ferments food and creates alcohol.  This does not help. At this time you can eat 1 or 2 tortillas, or a piece of whole-grain bread.

Between lunch and dinner: drink any type of fruit or vegetable juice, but remember not to combine fruits and vegetables.  You could also eat an oatmeal bar, or a bar with some other cereal bar.

Dinner: you could eat a soup or vegetable broth, half a baked potato, without butter, margarine, or oil (you are only allowed extra virgin olive oil), or one cup of oatmeal.  Drink canary seed infusion or canary seed milk, almond or oatmeal milk.

Before going to bed: eat two apples.  These will help cleanse your body and will provide it with a lot of fiber.

Exercise routine for shaping and burning abdominal fat

Alright.  Now that you’re ready for this, and that you have thought about following this emergency diet, you are now ready to combine it with an exercise routine to shape and strengthen your abdomen.

The routine is as follows:

Run or walk for 15 minutes.  Afterward, do the abs series as indicated.  If you have done abs recently, begin with less repetitions, and do not stress yourself too much, as this could be counter-productive, or you could hurt yourself.  It is always recomendable to begin little by little.

Abs 1: while laying down on the ground, bend your legs and place your hands on your neck.  Try to raise up and reach your knees.  If you can’t, go as high as you can.  Do one set of 10 repetitions, even if you are new.  If you have already been doing abs, increase the reps to 20 or 30.

Abs 2: laying down on the ground with your feet stretched out, place your hands under your glutes and raise your legs vertically without bending them.  Make a 90 degree angle with your body.  Raise and lower them as slowly as possible.  Repeat 10 times, or however many times your abs can stand.

Abs 3: laying down on your side, raise and lower your body, working your waist.  Do 10 reps on each side.

Abs 4: laying down on the ground with your legs stretched out, and your hands under your glutes, slowly raise your legs just above the ground (about 10cm) and keep your legs in this position for one minute.  Then, raise them 3 more cm and keep them there for another minute.  Raise little by little until reaching 90 degrees.  Do not lower your legs suddenly.  Lower them repeating the same exercise.


Remember that your posture in a key point in keeping your abdomen stretched and slim.  Straighten your back and tighten your abdomen, even when you’re sitting.  Do not let your abdomen sink or get lazy, keep it in place.  One way of beginning to correct poor posture and lazy abs is to put a small dot on the upper part of your hand (it could be a little circle, or whatever you like).  Every time you see it, correct your posture and tighten your abs, sitting upright.

A to finish this emergency routine, you need to drink 2 liters of water a day, as a minimum.  The water will help your intestines to work properly, and to eliminate fat and toxin waste.  Get to it!

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