Prunes to Treat Diabetes, Cure Skin, the Intestines, Obesity, etc.

Prunes are not only a soft, sweet and delicious treat, they’re also full of a long list of properties and substances that are truly nourishing for health and beauty.
Plums with prunes

Properties of prunes

Prunes have the following properties:

Nutrition and Intestinal Maintenance

(Skin health, preventing infections, better nutrient absorption, etc.)

One of the greatest properties that prunes possess is that they keep the intestines healthy.  They produce an extremely beneficial laxative effect that helps remove toxins from the intestines.  If your intestines are healthy, your entire body will be.  Did you know that the majority of illnesses originate in the intestines?  Every time that you eat two or three prunes, this helps remove a considerable amount of toxins that are stored in the body, which, if not released, will begin to ferment inside the body.  This will cause what is known as toxemia, which causes lots of toxins to circulate through the blood, making one more prone to illness and infection.  Your skin will also reflect this toxicity.


Antioxidants are substances that help prevent cells from oxidizing and losing their youth, energy, and strength throughout the body.  Prunes are one of the most potent sources of antioxidants, and eating them helps to heal skin, repair damaged tissues or stretch marks and wrinkles, and they also keep the body full of energy and vitality.

This fruit contains a lot of antioxidants that fight cellular damage caused by free radicals.  Consuming prunes regularly can help slow the aging process.  This type of antioxidant also helps protect cellular membranes in the brain.


Due to their high antioxidant and nutritive properties, prunes are considered to prevent cancer and help in cancer treatment.

Quality, soluble fiber

(Fights and helps cure diabetes, diverticulitis, constipation, lazy intestines, etc.)

The large amount of fiber that prunes contain reduces the speed at which  the body consumes sugar.  This not only allows the body to regulate blood sugar levels to keep them balanced, but it also stimulates insulin production.  So if you want to cure diabetes, we recommend that you include prunes in your treatment.

Satiating effect

(Helps in weight loss, not snacking between meals, etc.)

In addition to helping with excellent digestion process, prunes are very satiating and will keep you satisfied for longer.  That’s why it is important that you eat two or three prunes 30 minutes before eating, which will help stop you from eating so much, and will also give you great digestion.

Prune treatment to treat diabetes

Drink prune juice before breakfast, half a glass, then wait 15 minutes to eat breakfast.  We recommend that you eat oatmeal with almond milk, or a vegetarian sandwich for breakfast.  Avoid red meat and anything that is refined, especially white sugar and refined flour.

Prune treatment to aid in weight loss

Eat 2 or 3 prunes before eating your regular meal.  This will help reduce your hunger, improve your digestion, and it will also eliminate toxins from your body.  You must remember to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and do not drink any canned juices or sugar-sweetened drinks, which are truly harmful in the weight loss process.  Avoid red meat.

Prune treatment for skin, constipation and diverticulitis

We recommend that you drink prune juice three times a day.  Make sure it is fresh, and never has any added sugars of any kind, preferably made at home.  If you can’t make the juice, just eat 3 or 4 prunes a day.  It is important that if you are constipated or have skin or intestinal problems, avoid red meat, white sugar and refined flour, along with cow’s milk.  This will deteriorate in the intestines over time.  If you eat prunes, try to drink a glass of water with them.

GENERAL NOTE: prune juice should always be fresh, preferably organic, and never add anything else to it.  If using it medicinally, you need to drink it by itself, without any other sugar or additives, and do not drink it with other fruit.

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