The Back: how to Eliminate and Prevent “Fat Rolls”

The back, as well as the thighs and abdomen, are one of the ares most prone to accumulate fat.  This causes those annoying rolls to form, that some people frequently call “chubby”.  Not only are they not very attractive, but they are also often time very difficult to eliminate, and could really spoil your neckline.

The Back: how to Eliminate and Prevent "Fat Rolls"If you have fat rolls on your back and you want to use a low cut shirt for a party, at the beach, or during a normal day, do not give up.  These tips can help you eliminate or reduce them as much as possible if your party is coming up.  You will see that with a few simple tips and a lot of willpower, you will be able to show off any neckline you like, and will feel secure in yourself, which means…sensual.

Below, we will give you an exercise routine that will only take 15 minutes a day and will help you to begin reducing accumulated fat in this area.  If you are a beginner, and you have never done these types of exercises, reduce the sets and repetitions in half.  You could ask someone to hold your legs to make it easier.

Strengthening routine for the back, and to prevent “fat rolls”:

1. Lumbar exercise #1: lay facing down on a yoga mat.  Place your arms stretched out in front, and then, without raising your legs, lift your back, arching it and then returning to your original position.  Do two sets of 10 repetitions.

2. Lumbar exercise #2: in this same position, place your hand on your neck and raise your torso.  Return to your initial position.  Do 2 sets of 15 reps.

3. Lumbar exercise #3: Do the same exercise as before, but this time, rather than arching your back behind, arch towards one side and then the other, as if you were trying to look behind your right side, and then your left.  Do 2 sets of 10 reps.

4. Now, get on all fours (tabletop position) and relax your back, arching it upwards as much as you can (like an angry cat).  Then, push downwards (as if you were trying to touch your abdomen to the ground).  Raise and lower 5 times.

Diet for eliminating back rolls

If you have rolls on your back this is because of excessive fat consumption.  How fast you get rid of these rolls on your back will depend on how much willpower you have for stopping eating saturated fats for a while, in addition to the exercises.

In your diet, you should eliminate: red meat and chicken, fried or packaged foods, cow’s milk (and its derivatives), processed and white sugar and their byproducts.  Remember that all these products are primary causes of excessive and harmful fats in the body.

The exercises will produce an even more accentuated and quick results if, rather than burning what you eat every day, you begin to burn the accumulated and left behind fat.  That’s why this diet is so important, because if all you do is exercise without dieting, your body will then be burning the fats you eat, and it will take longer to get rid of your rolls.  The fat can even become hard if all you do is exercise without dieting.

On the other hand, and to promote speedy fat elimination, you need to include the following foods in your diet: one cup of green tea at lunch and at dinner (never drink it with sugar, or eat fruit with your meals), one glass of carrot and celery juice, and another glass of tomato with aloe juice and one squeezed lemon.  These juices are very effective at burning fat.  In the morning before breakfast (choose just one thing): canary seed milk, one glass of blueberry juice, one glass of warm water with the juice of one squeezed lemon, horehound tea with lemon juice, one glass of warm water and a freshly crushed garlic clove (chew it first, and then drink the water).  These drinks are fat cleansers, and function very well before breakfast.

Extra tips:

MASSAGE: look for someone who can give you a back massage to reduce fat  Massage is a very good alternative for eliminating rolls.

CLAY: once a week, apply a clay mask to your back.  If it’s hard for you to reach, ask a friend or someone else to help you.  The clay will help eliminate extra fat.

SWIMMING: swimming is a fantastic sport for keeping your back strong and for preventing fat accumulation.

SIT UPRIGHT: a humped back turns flaccid and is not very attractive.  So take a look and straighten your spine.

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