Eat Anything and Lose Weight

“Lose weight without avoiding food”

It seems like an impossible ideal, but…why not?  There are a lot of people who can’t easily renounce consuming the quantities of food that they are used to, nor can they stop eating certain foods.  This is the problem with a lot of strict diets, which are difficult to follow through with ,or that are broken or abandoned within a week or a month.  This is because the individual can’t adjust to these demands.Eat Anything and Lose Weight
When someone can’t lose weight because they can’t follow a diet, they generally lose faith and perhaps, it becomes more difficult each time to begin anew.  So a lot of times, people adapt to their dissatisfaction or frustration, and learn to live with it.

Not all diets are for everyone.  A lot of times, the will required in some diets is the key point as to why diets aren’t fulfilled, or they are abandoned.  The list of prohibitions could even cause more anxiety about eating, which is why they say that “the more it’s off limits, the more I crave it”.

However, it is possible to lose weight without renouncing what you eat.  And you don’t need surgery, nor special pills to remove your hunger.  You also don’t need to exercise a lot.  No.  So how to lose weight then?  Well, if you don’t want to stop eating, then…you’ll have to eat more!

So…eat more…but not what you perhaps had planned.  If you’re not going to renounce what you eat, you could then begin to eat certain foods that will help you lose weight, because they are potent tonics and fat-burners.  They will help you cleanse the body of toxins and excess fats naturally, and will properly strengthen your liver and pancreas, and will lower you anxiety.  This will positively influence your weight and health.

So the only thing you need to do is include a daily routine in which you consider eating the following foods, and in the order listed.  You will see that if you follow it, your weight and health will begin to benefit from it.  Keep in mind that all diets require a certain minimum of willpower, which is what proves that you truly want to lose weight.

Weight loss routine by eating what you want

BEFORE BREAKFAST: you should drink one glass of warm water with two lemons, freshly squeezed, or one fresh garlic clove with a glass or warm water.  Or you could try a glass or aloe vera juice, or goji juice.  Drink one glass, and the rule is that you can’t eat anything afterwards for another 30 minutes.  Then…eat whatever you like!  It’s best to eat the lemon one day and garlic the next, then the aloe vera juice.  Or lemon for one week, then garlic, etc.

MID-MORNING: one or two hours after breakfast, it is important that you drink a glass of canary grass milk.  For this, you need to moisten 7 spoonfuls of canary grass in one glass of water the night before.  The next day, remove the water that you soaked the seed in, and blend the canary grass with two glasses of water.  Strain and heat one glass of canary seed, and drink it as hot as you can tolerate.  Place the rest in a bottle, and drink during the day.  During mealtimes, eat what you want!

MID-AFTERNOON: 1 or 2 hours after eating, you need to drink one and a half glasses of carrots juice with alfalfa, celery, spinach, or some other vegetable.  The rule is that is must be recently prepared and you should drink everything as soon as possible, so it retains its vitamins.  Do not sweeten it with anything, nor add lemon or salt to it.  Do not add any other fruit.  For dinner…choose what you want!!

BEFORE BEDTIME: after an hour and a half has passed after dinner (not sooner) your last and only food should be: one glass of tomato juice or 2 medium apples, sliced (or one whole large apple), or a handful of blueberries.  Remember to eat this before going to be, and then you’re done!

AFTER EVERY MEAL: drink a small glass of green tea after dinner, and another after breakfast.

WATER: drink 2 liters of water a day.  If you can, use a few drops of liquid chlorophyll.  Do not count sodas, nor pre-made juices.  This should be fresh water, without sweeteners or added flavoring.

If you follow this diet exactly, you will begin to notice the changes, which will depend on your body and your level of fat and toxin saturation.  Remember that if you do 15 minutes of daily exercise, you will help enormously to burn extra calories and to strengthen your tissues.  If you don’t like exercising, just think that after having lost weight, your tissues and muscles could sag and become flaccid, or have stretch marks

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