Peaches Could Prevent Breast Cancer and other benefits

Recent studies regarding peach consumption have shed excellent news for preventing breast cancer!  According to a group of scientists at Washington State University and the University of Texas, this fruit contains antioxidants that could prevent the growth of cancerous cells in breasts, and they can even prevent them from spreading, once the disease has developed.
Peaches Could Prevent Breast Cancer

First Test of Breast Cancer

To reach these results, the scientists first experimented with rats. They implanted cancerous cells under their skin and gave them a peach extract.

After just a few weeks, researchers noticed an inhibition in the indicator gene, indicating metastasis inhibition.

All because of phenolics…

Everything indicates that this reaction, which prevents breast cancer, is caused by the phenolic compounds that are present in peaches.  With these good news, using these compounds in therapies used to reduces metastasis risk is being studied, which is one of the primary causative problems of cancer and tumors.

However, peach juice is not the only thing effective against this disease.  So is consuming it in its natural state.  Specialists recommend eating two to three peaches a day to obtain a similar effect.  Eat two or more.

Other health benefits of Peaches

Peaches are rich in carotenes, including xanthophyll, which is responsible for this fruit’s yellow color.  Carotenes also possess other antioxidant properties, like protecting arteries and keeping us younger for longer.

We should also mention their sugars, protein substances, peptic material, minerals (P, K, Mg, Fe), cellulose, and vitamin C.  Not only do they have outstanding nutritional properties, but they also have therapeutic properties.

Brain and Bone Health

Thanks to their high phosphorous content, peaces are great for naturally treating neurosis cases because it has the ability to protect nerve cells and the brain.  They also help form bones, along with calcium.  Eating this fruit could be beneficial for youth while growing, to provide them with energy.  For older individuals, it can help prevent calcium loss, which leads to osteoporosis.

Native to China

Peaches are undoubtedly one of the most provocative fruits in the world, thanks to their smell, texture, and taste.  It has a list of attributes that stimulate the senses, which makes it difficult to resist peaches.  They have been on human tables since very ancient times.  In China, they have been cultivated for centuries, where it is native.  But it got its name from the Persians, who sought to commercialize it.

Against dwarfism and nerves

Magnesium, along with niacin, are both contained in this fruit.  They help calm nerves and prevent states of anxiety and stress.

Zinc takes part in the maturation process of reproductive organs and increases testosterone, the masculine reproductive hormone.  This makes peaches beneficial for preventing dwarfism, leading to a healthy growth period.

Peaches strengthen the immune system

Selenium is also present in peaches, and not only prevents the heart, but it also promotes the immune system and/or eliminates heavy metals from the body.  It helps protect against numerous cancers, like colon, prostate and lung cancer.

Their vitamins A, B1 and B2 also ensure healthy effects on the nervous system’s balance.  This leads to hemoglobin synthesis, retaining magnesium in the body, and therefore naturally strengthening the immune system.

Peaches reduces cholesterol levels

Another benefit of consuming peaches is that it helps fight acute illnesses and infectious diseases by reducing cholesterol levels.  It also prevents cardiovascular and kidney diseases, and anemia.  Peaches also have medicinal properties, such as treating abdominal cramps and joint pain.

Say goodbye to no energy and difficult times

Peaches are highly recommended for patients recovering from surgery or for advanced stages of fatigue, including depressive states that accompany fatigue.  This is because of peaches medicinal properties which are in charge of regenerating energy reserves with its rich composition of natural sugars and carbohydrates.

Peaches prevent kidney stones

Due to their diuretic and acidic properties, peaches help prevent kidney and gallbladder stones.  They are even more effective if combined with honey.  For best results, each peaches in the morning rather than a normal breakfast, to regulate your kidney and liver functions.  This will keep your blood alkaline, which is recommended for individuals with urinary incontinence, as well as for people that want to improve their urinary functions.  So now you have it….go ahead and eat this delicious fruit, which is perfect all year long.

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