How to get model abs and waist (part one)

If you think you don’t have time to dedicate to slimming your stomach or waist, now you will have no excuse because with these tips you don’t need time to go to the gym or money for treatments.  The secret to a flat stomach lies in very simple care, and only five minutes a day.
How to get model abs and waist (part one)

How to get model abs and waist

It’s not instant

The problem with the stomach and waist is that people just want to see instant results, and when it doesn’t happen people become unmotivated and forget their intent to beautify and shape their body.  And then suddenly summer comes, or spring, or the time to wear some tight piece of clothing that you’ll once again have to throw back into the closet because you just didn’t pay attention to that flaccid stomach or forgotten waist.

Don’t wait to be stuck in a bind when that moment comes that you want to show off your flat stomach and competition winning waist.  You must keep in mind that a fit stomach and curvy waist don’t come over night.  The most a short diet can do is flatten the stomach a little, and maybe hide a little your wide hips.  It will be even harder to achieve the results you want though if you have loose skin or hard fat, and you’ll have to put that dress or bikini, or whatever it is, back in the closet.  But if you start now, in a few months you will start to see the confidence that tight abs and a sculpted waist give you.  All this, thanks to having put in just a few minutes of work a day.

So.  We know that exercise is the only proven method effective in strengthening abdominal muscles.  But don’t get scared.  You won’t have to do exhausting repetitions.  Here we will give you a guide to use each day.  Keep in mind that everything you want requires the will to get it.  Money can’t buy a beautiful stomach.  Your beauty is the result of the effort you give, of how much you value and love yourself.  The truth is, saying that someone is beautiful is to say that that person cares for everything they are.

Five minutes every day for get model abs and waist

The only time you will dedicate to abs are 5 minutes a day.  You will compliment this short routine with the excellent tips that follow in part two (click where it says part two).  Each day you will work closer towards a strong stomach and shaped waist.  Even though you may not see a difference, you must be consistent.  Soon you’ll see how your body begins to take shape where it needs it.

MONDAY: Lying on the ground face up, place your hands below your neck.  Bend your legs a bit, and raise your torso without lifting your feet from the ground, as if wanting to touch your forehead to your knees.  Continue up and down until the 5 minutes are over.  That’s it.  If you could only do 2 minutes, then only do 2.  But we recommend that you don’t get up from the floor until the 5 minutes are up.  Give your best effort every day.

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