How to get Model Abs and Waist (part two)

This is the second part of: How to get model abs and waist (part one)

TUESDAY: laying on the ground face up and with palms underneath the glutes, raise your legs straight without a bend.  Raise your legs as high as you can, then lower without touching the ground.  Raise and lower as much as you can within 5 minutes.  You can rest for a while and start again.

Model Abs and WaistWEDNESDAY: Grab a broom stick, or something similar.  Standing, separate your legs and bend them just a little.  Hold the stick with two hands horizontally behind your back.  Turn from side to side, keeping the back straight.  Do this for 5 minutes.

THURSDAY: Lay down face up.  Lift your pelvis, holding it with your hands.  Then, stretch your legs skyward, as if you were bicycling.  Bend your knees and touch them to your chest, the stretch your legs out again.  Continue lifting and lowering for 5 minutes.

FRIDAY: Laying down face up.  Place your hands below your neck.  Lift your torso until your chest no longer touches the ground.  Raise and lift the torso for 5 minutes.

SATURDAY: Lay down on the ground and lift your legs (trying to keep them as straight as possible).  Lift your torso, trying to touch your toes, then return to the original position.

Don’t worry, it is very important to do this as described, each time increasing the amount of crunches you do in 5 minutes.  This means you should get faster the more you do them.  If you feel really lazy one day, imagine yourself in your bikini or wearing a low-cut shirt showing off your belly button.  Imagining and visualizing also helps to create your body.  

Coordinate the previous routine with these tips

  • Eat as little fried food, refined breads, and foods containing refined sugar as possible.  If you eliminate sugar and refined flours from your diet, I promise you’re already half way there to flattening your stomach.
  • Eat at least three fresh fruits a day.  It’s advisable to eat an apple before going to bed.
  • Alcoholic drinks promote abdominal inflammation.
  • Drink more than two liters of fresh water a day.
  • Every time you sit or walk, pull your shoulders back and tighten your abs.  Your posture is one of the most important keys to help your body form a beautiful stomach.  If you pay attention, when you slouch your belly bulges.  If you sit like this a lot, your body will assume this shape over time.
  • If your stomach is loose from having children, when you bathe, sculpt your stomach with clay, a little bit of sand, or a special tissue firming cream, such as seaweed.

If you keep up with this advice with determination, little by little, you’ll see your stomach shine like a model’s.

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