Dehydrated or Dry Fruit and Nuts: A Fantastic Lunch for Children and Health

Bananas, apples, mangoes, garbanzo beans, soy, fava beans, pears…if you don’t know what to make your child for his/her school lunch, now you have a wonderful and very nourishing option: dried fruits and nuts, which are one of the best options at this day and age, not only as a lunch, but as a healthy snack.

Mix dry fruit isolated on white backgroundThanks to food technology, we can now enjoy fruits and nuts in several forms.  They also have beneficial properties and you don’t even need to deal wit junk food that is only full of, and creates, fat and toxins.  Junk food doesn’t provide any nourishing values, like fried food, sweets, french fries, etc.

Dried fruits and nuts and go through a dehydration process that removes moisture from the fruit.  They can be easily transported and consumed all over the place.  They have a truly pleasant and attractive taste, and they can be combined with a lot of foods.

For example, dehydrated bananas can be eaten with honey, or you can add a bit of sour cream powder to them, making a perfect dessert.  Dehydrated peas go well with lemon and a bit of salt, and apples with a bit of molasses and yogurt.  Dehydrated potatoes are a good side to meals, for accompanying salads.

During birthday parties, you can set out dried fruits or nuts in small dishes, which the kids will love.  If you make a plain yogurt and honey dip or dressing, then add dehydrated bananas or apples; they’ll go over great.  There’s also dried blackberries and strawberries, which go great with the sour cream and honey dressing, which can also be served at reunions with adults as well.  Everyone will love this new way of eating this little snack.

Currently, these dehydrated fruits and nuts are sold in inexpensive and portable packages.  Children love them because they feel like they’re eating a snack, and they are also good for them.

It’s important that if you consume these fruits and nuts, you remember that you should drink enough water because the fruit could hydrate itself in the stomach in order to be digested, so emphasize this with your child, and add a bottle of water to his/her lunch.  Remember not to add sugar-sweetened beverages to the lunch.  Do not get your children used to refined sugar.

Dry fruit: Not fried

Do not confused dehydrated fruits or vegetables with fruits fried in oil.  They too are tasty, but the oil makes them unhealthy, and only creates harmful fats (cholesterol) in the body.  Always read the packed well and make sure it states the fruits are dehydrated and preferably organic.  Fried foods generally goes through a type of oil that has already been used several times, which truly causes a lot of toxins in the body.  You can also find dehydrated or baked corn tortillas, which are delicious and are wonderful for accompanying any type of dish.

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