Hydrocephalus (water in the brain): causes and natural treatments

The word hydrocephalus is derived from the Greek words “hydro”, water, and “cephalus”, head.  Hydrocephalus is a disorder characterized by the excessive accumulation of liquid in the brain.  This liquid which in ancient times was known as water, is actually cerebrospinal fluid, a clear colored liquid that surrounds the brain and the spinal column.

the brainWhen this liquid accumulates excessively it creates an abnormal dilation in brain spaces, called ventricles, which causes potentially harmful pressure in delicate brain tissue.  The brain has four ventricles that are connected by thin channels through which cerebrospinal fluid flows.  This fluid exists through cisterns, which are closed spaces in the brain and the spinal column, that are later absorbed by the blood stream.

Primary functions of cerebrospinal fluid:

  1. Acts as a water mattress, cushioning the brain and keeping brain tissue afloat.
  2. Transports nutrients to the brain and gathers and eliminates waste.
  3. It is a fluid that, while flowing through the cranium and the spinal chord, compensates for changes in intracranial (within the brain) blood volume.

It is vitally important to regulate the production and absorption of cerebrospinal liquid.  In perfect conditions, this liquid is absorbed almost entirely into the blood stream as it circulates.  Yet, there are certain circumstances that can either impede or disrupt cerebrospinal liquid production, or that could prevent normal flow.  When this liquid’s balance is disturbed, this creates hydrocephalus.

Causes of hydrocephalus

  • It could be congenital or acquired.
  • When it is congenital it is present at birth, and could be caused by environmental factors during gestation or by genetic predisposition.
  • When it is acquired it develops either at birth or at some point in one’s life.  It could be caused by an injury or a disease (like a brain tumor, infection, etc.) that increases the ventricles and creates and obstruction.
  • Energetic causes are excessive emotional control or lack of understanding, poor contact with oneself, resentment and/or blocked emotional growth.  It feeds on old grudges.  Needs.


Congenital hydrocephalus: tense or bulky head in newborns, sudden vomiting, cranial circumference is noticeably larger than normal, the child’s eyes are prominent (they can’t look up when their head is facing forward), constantly tired, possible convulsions, noticeable veins in their scalp, irritable behavior in the child, piercing and intense cry, does not eat properly.

Acquired hydrocephalus: constantly complains of strong headaches, nausea and vomiting, intestinal incontinence, possible convulsions, abrupt changes in character, restlessness and greater movements in the legs and arms.

Communicating and non-communicating Hydrocephalus:

Communicating hydrocephalus: This occurs when the flow of cerebral fluid becomes blocked in the subarachnoid spaces after leaving the ventricles.  It is called communicating because the liquid can still flow between ventricles that stay open, even though re-absorption is altered by infections or hemorrhages.

Non-communicating hydrocephalus: Also known as obstructive hydrocephalus, this happens when cerebral fluid does not flow because it blocks one or more of the pathways connecting the ventricles.

Natural treatment

Cutting off or anesthetizing a condition does not resolve it.  Illness should be treated from the deepest root to eradicate it, and in order to achieve a complete cure.


And like all complete cures, you must undoubtedly pay attention to your diet.  Foods could be one of the most powerful medicines if you learn to use them for that purpose.  You must eradicate refined sugars and flours from your diet, as well as any animal product (milk, meat, eggs, etc.).  Your diet should be based on fresh vegetables, seeds, vegetable proteins, enough fresh water, fruits, etc.  


The body is like a sponge that absorbs emotional states and everything you think and feel.  If you want to cure the body, you must start by curing the heart.  It is absolutely necessary that you start to treat the energetic causes that created the condition.  Resentment and “living outside yourself” are two important causes that must be focused on.  For this, we recommend reading to learn how to free anger and pain, or doing some introspection that helps find those things that have made you feel bad and that you are still holding on to inside.  The book “You Can Heal Your Life” is a very good guide for starting the deep healing process.

Natural alternatives

Reflexology, acupuncture, and bioenergetics, as well as other energetic medicines will be a great help for your body in reestablishing balance.  Bioenergetic massage as well as Chi-Nei-Tsang massage are especially recommendable because they help the body reestablish natural in organs and systems.

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