Does Mercury in Teeth and Fillings affect health?

Are your teeth crowned with mercury?  Are you getting ready to take your child to the dentist?  A lot of kids, teens and adults frequently visit the dentist to treat oral cavities, who generally uses a gray colored mixture of mercury to cure molars or teeth that are damaged or ill.

Does Mercury in Teeth and Fillings affect health?This treatment, however, could be using a material that is currently considered to be poisonous and unbeneficial for health.  Although you may be curing the molar, you could also be damaging your body.

Mercury use by dentists

The mercury used by dentists produces health effects like these mentioned below:

  • Causes irritability and insomnia
  • Dizziness for no apparent reason
  • Fatigue and drowsiness
  • Increase in blood toxemia
  • Affects child growth starting at fetal development
  • Could cause concentration problems
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Nervousness
  • With high doses, it could cause certain intellectual retardation during infancy

Mercury is used by dentists to create fillings and to cure affected teeth.  Some fillings mix other metals, like silver, zinc, aluminum, etc.  The proportions of these metals used could truly be harmful to health.

If teeth in your mouth have mercury or silver, you need to consider this, especially if your fillings are old or deteriorating.  These can generally experience imperceptible breaks, causing one to eat very tiny pieces of mercury and other metals that could be damaging to your health.  This could cause fatigue, sleepiness, irritability, dizziness, etc.  A lot of these metals also produce certain harmful gasses that, even though you may not notice, are slowly absorbed into the body.

The amount of toxemia that these fillings produce depends on the chemical formula used, and also on the individual’s body.  Some bodies are more resistant than others, and some people’s bodies are more vulnerable to those chemicals.

In order to stop using fillings, suggest that your dentist uses porcelain or gold pieces.  They may cost more but it’s truly worth it in regards to health, especially in children and youth.

Preventing cavities and mercury use

Another way of preventing having harmful mercury put into your mouth, is to follow conscious dental hygiene.  Brush your teeth while calm, try to cover eat tooth and floss daily.  Avoid drinking sodas and sugar-sweetened drinks, as well as sweets, and do not allow your kids to go to sleep with milk on the teeth.  This causes a lot of cavities.  Giving a child a bottle of milk at night could be the most harmful thing for their teeth.  After brushing your teeth, add a few drops of lemon to a glass of water and hold a mouthful of the water in your mouth.  Lemon prevents cavities and strengthens gum health.  Then, rinse with fresh water.

Help your kids brush their teeth and educate them on hygiene from an early age.  They need to learn to use floss and how to keep their mouth clean.  Do not offer them sweets or sugar, give them foods that don’t contain sugar.  Their palates will get used to it.  If they crave sweets, fruits and vegetables are the best option, as well as granola bars, amaranth, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, or dried fruit are the healthiest treats.

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