Increase your Energy with Banana and Avocado

Do you feel tired and sleepy when there are still several hours left in the day before you can leave the office to rest at home?  Don’t worry.  You don’t need to try vitamin supplements from the pharmacy, nor do you need to drink a bunch of coffee, and definitely not energy drinks.  Choose something natural, like bananas and avocados, which are foods that can help restore your dwindling energy.
Increase your Energy with Banana and Avocado

Benefits and properties of Banana and Avocado


Both of these fruits contain large amounts of potassium, which is why they provide quick and healthy energy.  Avocados even contain 60% more potassium than bananas.  Thanks to this chemical element, they also help regulate blood pressure, which can prevent heart attacks or strokes, and when combined with vitamin E and vitamin B6, they help raise sex hormone production which creates desire.

Healthy sugars

Another great reason to eat bananas is that they provide energy thanks to their natural sugars.  Sucrose, fructose and glucose are compounds that instantly inject the body with vitality, which is then sustained.  That’s why specialists state that by simply eating two bananas, we will have enough energy to perform 90 minutes of intense exercise.


Tryptophan is another notable element present in bananas, which can fight depression and provide energy throughout the day.  As mentioned in a previous post, this essential amino acid is necessary in the daily diet, because the body cannot synthesize or produce it from any other compounds.

Once tryptophan is consumed, the body converts it into serotonin, which then makes the individual feel relaxed, in a better mood and happy.

Other benefits

In addition to facing laziness and a lack of energy, these foods have other important health benefits.

Vitamin E

Avocado is a rich source of vitamin E, which contributes to a reduced risk of contracting heart diseases, and also protects against breast cancer.  Also, thanks to this vitamin along with antioxidants in avocados, aging can be slowed, making its consumers look younger


Researchers conclude that lutein, present in avocados, helps reduce the risk of contracting cataracts and prostate cancer.


The high iron content in bananas stimulates the production of hemoglobin in the blood, which helps cure anemia.

Likewise, it has a natural antacid effect on the body, so it is the only sweet fruit that can safely be consumed during cases of chronic ulcers.  But because every patient is different, it is always best to first consult a doctor.

Low in salt

Due to its low salt content, bananas are perfect for people that suffer from high blood pressure, or hypertension.  Because they are rich in fiber they also help restore normal intestinal performance, improving constipation problems without needing to use pharmaceutical laxatives.

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