Rejuvenate and Heal your Skin with Vitamin A

If you want to rejuvenate tissues, cells and look younger by preventing organ and tissue deterioration, then take a look at whether your diet provides enough vitamin A.  A lack of dietary vitamin A could cause undesirable health effects both in health as well as beauty.  Insufficient vitamin A has the most noticeable effects in damaged skin or skin problems.

Rejuvenate and Heal your Skin with Vitamin AWhenever you lack this vitamin, not only will your mucous membranes dry out or create some sort of imbalance, but it will also be easier for bacteria to enter your body and cause infections.  This could also lead to an accumulation of dead cells due to a lack of the most potent antioxidants in the diet, vitamin A.

Vitamin A deficiency causes irritation and obstructions in bodily ducts, like the pancreas, saliva glands (dry mouth), as well as prolonged and heavy menstruation, or warts.

Benefits of Vitamin A

In order for your skin to look fresh and healthy, your blood needs to be cleansed.  Vitamin A also helps with this, especially when the body has vitamin C as well, which helps cleanse the blood and the intestines.  Vitamin A helps repair and nourish tissue and to remove accumulated waste.  These two vitamins are great skin allies, but you need to avoid consuming them at the same time.  Vitamin C is recommended before breakfast, while vitamin A in vegetable juices is recommended for lunch.  It should be combined with food.

The human body needs 5,000 daily units of vitamin A.  Dark green vegetables like spinach, seaweed, parsley, beans, broccoli, etc., provide approximately 12,000 unites per 100 grams.  These amounts could vary depending on the vegetable quality.  Organic vegetables are much healthier and could provide much greater quantities of this vitamin.

Other foods that are a good source of this vitamin include yellow squash, papaya, carrots, celery, lettuce, asparagus, all types of peppers, sweet potatoes, etc.

If you want to rejuvenate your facial skin, tissues or systems, or if you want to heal some sort of condition that requires tissue renewal, we recommend that you include foods rich in vitamin A in your diet.  These conditions could include skin problems, wounds, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, rosacea, dry skin, etc.

Vitamin A is absorbed much better when consumed in raw vegetables, either in juices or salads.  Juices must be drank immediately after preparation because if not, a lot of vitamin A is lost through oxidization.

Vitamin A is not absorbed during exercise or when someone is very stressed or anxious.  Exercise at least 15 minutes a day, every day, and let your heart rate rise higher than normal for a while.  Exercise also helps release possible accumulated stress from the body.

It is very important that you take a look at your stress if you want to rejuvenate or heal your skin.  Stress tenses the pores in the skin and blocks cells from nourishment and oxygen, and prevents them from being repaired.  Stressed cells also prevent old cells from being eliminated.  This causes the skin to fall ill or to accumulate oil or toxins underneath.  In order to prevent stress, especially in your face, massage your face with your fingertips, or practice facial gymnastics every day.

Avoid sweetening your juices.  Don’t add any salt, lemon, orange, or other fruits.  This could reduce appropriate vitamin A absorption.

A fantastic juice for rejuvenation:

  • One glass of fresh, carrot juice
  • One stalk of celery
  • One sprig of parsley
  • One cup of alfalfa

Blend everything in a juicer and drink immediately.  You’ll notice results quickly if you do this daily.

Vitamin A Salad

You can also consume vitamin A in fresh salads.  If you always eat a fresh salad with your soups, combing the aforementioned vegetables, especially alfalfa, berries, spinach and lettuce, your skin will be noticeably improved.

It’s important that you drink at least two liters of water a day to help absorb the nutrients in your body.  This also removes toxins from the intestines and is especially important for keeping the skin moisturized.  The skin is 95% water, and even though a lot of vegetables contain water, it’s important that you drink water to keep your skin well moisturized.

If you suffer from acne, rosacea, or some other type of dermatitis, eat a diet based on the previously mentioned vegetables, including citrus juices in the morning and walnuts, almonds, extra virgin olive oil, chia seed, fish, etc.  These foods help repair tissues.

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