White Sugar: 8 Dangers to your Health and Natural Substitutes

White sugar is in a lot of the products that we consume, and although it isn’t anything good or bad, it does cause certain effects in the body, like those mentioned below:White Sugar: 8 Dangers to your Health and Natural Substitutes

  1. Disorders in metabolizing calcium: white sugar robs the body of B complex vitamins, which weaken the pancreas and could even cause diabetes and other conditions.
  2. Overusing white sugar due to repetitive consumption of soda, pastries, sweets, cakes, etc., could lead to hypoglycemia.
  3. Endocrine system: the endocrine system becomes imbalanced and creates a long list of hormonal problems, like stomach cramps, irregular cardiac rhythm, waste elimination, problems with menopause, etc.  The endocrine glands, like the adrenals, the pancreas, the pituitary gland, etc., influence all of the body’s functions.  Whehenver you eat white sugar, everything becomes imbalanced, and the body’s chemistry is altered.
  4. Calcium: Calcium is much more easily eliminated when consuming white sugar.  That’s why the body is forced to rob caclium from the bones and tissues, where this mineral is stored.  Therefore, the bones become porous (causing osteoporosis) and tissues grow weak.
  5. Allergies: foods that cause the most allergic reactions are those that are eaten with sugar, like milk, wheat, bread, sweets, cookies, chocolate, etc.  Repeated consumption of these foods causes the body to start wearing down, and having problems absorbing foods because the sugar breaks down and ferments quickly.  Foods are then not properly absorbed, creating toxins that move to the blood, causing toxemia.  Anytime there is an excess of toxins, they make their way to the head and saturate it.  One could experience symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, excessive tiredness, bad moods, concentration problems, headaches, etc., along with allergic reactions like runny eyes, sneezing, nasal drip, etc.
  6. Enzymes: The foods we eat need enzymes to be digested, and then the foods can be used by the cells.  But if the cell doesn’t have the minerals it needs, the enzyme’s work is affected.  Sugar imbalances minerals in the body, and if any mineral is deficient or in excess, enzymatic functions become altered.
  7. Immune system: Macrophages, organisms that eat toxic and harmful substances in the body, like viruses, bacteria, etc., remain stuck in the sugar molecules, thereby blocking the body’s defense functions.  That’s why, if you become infected or experience health problems, one of the first foods to avoid is white sugar.
  8. Refined sugar doesn’t provide any nutritive value, which is why it turns to toxins or fat in the body.  It also deteriorates teeth and causes stomach aches.

Healthy substitutes for white sugar

One way of sweetening yoru foods without harming health, it by using these foods:

  • Honey: which not only sweetens, but is also rich in B complex vitamins, calcium, and other important minerals.  It is perfect for children.
  • Agave nectar or flowers.
  • Sugar cane, powdered brown sugar, brown sugar, etc.
  • Stevia: a plant that has been used since ancient times not only to sweeten, but to lose weight and to create a satiating effect in the stomach.  Fruits like bananas, mammee, mango, etc., are very sweet fruits.  If you want to prepare a smoothie in the morning and you add these fruits, you won’t need to sweeten with anything else.  You’ll also have a super nutritive smoothie.

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