Eat Quinoa to prevent Cancer and Diabetes

Quinoa is a legume that has crossed borders to become known not only known in Peru, it’s native country, and other Andes regions.  Currently this grain is loved in several different areas around the world for its rich vitamins and nutrients, and it is even more recognized for its ability to prevent diseases like colon cancer and diabetes.
Eat Quinoa to prevent Cancer and Diabetes

Eat Quinoat wice a week

According to the respected nutritionist, Antonio Castilla,  from the Ministry of Health in Lima, its nutritional power lies in its essential amino acids, as well as its vegetable proteins, fibers, healthy fats and vitamins that make up the grain.  In order to obtain these benefits, you need to eat it at least twice a week.

Quinoa Against colon cancer

Referring specifically to colon cancer, the fiber present in quinoa can help prevent constipation, which could lead to cancer.  “Eat quinoa and you’ll quickly digest all of your foods”, he added.

Sugar is slowly absorbed

In regards to diabetes, he confirmed that this Andean grain has complex carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed into the blood.  This is contrary to what happens when you drink a sugar-sweetened beverage.

It grows and grows

One positive point in regards to its consumption is that Quinoa is also a highly productive food.  One can prepare huge feasts of quinoa with a very small amount of the grain.  For example, up to 4 people can eat off of just 240 grams of it.

Eat Quinoa eliminates fats

If you thought that was all the good news, you’re wrong.  Eating quinoa can also eliminate fats.  This helps the veins and arteries in the body remain free of obstructions that could later on cause heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.

Other benefits eating quinoa

Other benefits of eating quinoa include its ability to form proteins which take part in repairing muscular tissues.

Also, as mentioned in the previous article, the FAO has announced that studies and discoveries are still being made regarding its amazing nutritive value.

Through studying it we have learned that it is rich in iron, potassium, riboflavin, B-complex vitamins, magnesium, zinc, copper and others.

Quinoa recepies

In addition to making it is savory dishes, like quinoa-stuffed bell peppers, huancaina quinoa, quinoa and beans, etc., you can also try it is cakes or pastas, pudding, drinks and flan.


Quinoa Hamburgers

Cook the quinoa until the water is evaporated.  Allow to cool.  Add one beaten egg, diced onion and tomato, salt, and a bit of whole grain flour and sesame.  Mix everything well and fry on medium heat.  Serve with a salad

Quinoa Pudding


Whole-grain quinoa 250 grams

Evaporated milk 1 can

Sugar 150 grams

Dark brown sugar 200 grams

Vanilla to taste


Boil water in a pot.  One boiling, add the quinoa and parboil until it thickens.  Add the sugar and stir until boiling once more.  Add the milk and vanilla.  Then pour the contents into a pan that you had previously scalded the brown sugar or sugar.  Allow to cool in a double boiler for 30 minutes (with running cold water), remove from the pan and serve with honey molasses.

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