Rosehip’s benefits and properties for skin

Natural elements are key for skin care and one of them is Rosehip Oil, which is used in dermatology and cosmetics for it regenerative effect of damaged tissues, for slowing of premature age lines, and its wrinkle prevention.

Aromatic oilsUsing it is even good in treatment of skin damaged by burns or exposed to radiotherapy.  These benefits are produced by its retinoic acid.

Skin Regeneration

According to experts, this oil increases the skin’s regenerative ability thanks to the fact that it promote the appearance of new cells and increases blood flow.  This also slows aging.

Ailments and their solution

For wrinkles caused by aging, this oil activate epithelial cell regeneration, makes skin look young and firm again, and deeply reduces wrinkles.  In photoaging, dark marks from excessive sun exposure, apply this oil softens the shadow, which often times disappears after a while.

It does have an even wider use however, as it can be used to treat surgical scars and keloids.  This oil returns elasticity and natural color; it decreases epithelial thickening.

It softens acne marks and softens scars.  In some cases, this oil could be applied during breakouts as it helps quick healing of pustules.

It is also used on sores in the gums and oral mucosa, which are produced by dentures or other external agents.  Direct oil application noticeably accelerates healing.  In some cases, the wounds disappear after 48 to 96 hours of application.



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