Prevent and soften wrinkles around the lips

A very delicate and sensitive skin surrounds the lips, almost as sensitive as the area under the eyes.  That is why it is one of the areas that wrinkles frequently appear, which could be due to several causes.  The wrinkles that appear above the lips (the mustache area) are frequently referred to as “barcode” wrinkles.
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Wrinkles around the lips

Causes that provoke the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth:

  • A disapproving mental attitude, or one of excessive concentration, tension, etc., that causes the lips to be puckered.
  • Sucking your lips frequently, a habit that dries them out and wrinkles them.
  • Bad skincare habits.
  • Lack of sufficient moisture in the area.
  • A diet low in vitamins and minerals, which causes the skin to be malnourished and susceptible to wrinkles.
  • Low consumption of antioxidant foods which help prevent premature skin damage.
  • Severe exposure to sun or cold without protection.
  • Lack of exercising those muscles, and good circulation in this area.

Natural remedies for wrinkles around the lips

If you already have a little bit of wrinkles near your mouth and you want to soften them, or prevent more from appearing, do not hesitate to follow these tips.  They also work as preventive remedies, as well as for dry or split lips.

  • Exercise the mouth area: this exercise will help your muscles grow strong, and will promote good blood circulation.  Open your mouth a little bit and say the letter “O”.  Little by little, try opening your mouth even more until now pronouncing the letter “A”.  This is supposed to make you feel a little bit of tension in your lips as you move them forward and back.  Apply a bit of almond oil before starting, if your lips feel dry.  Read the section that talks about how to apply the oil.
  • Pay frequent attention to your lips, and make sure they are not tense or clenched.  A lot of times we don’t notice it, but we frequently clench our lips at certain times, especially when we are angry or tense.  If you catch yourself clenching your lips, relax them immediately.
  • Apply oils to the lips: you must do this after bathing, when the pores are open due to the hot water.  If you want to apply some sort of oil and you don’t want to take a bath, moisten a towel or cotton ball with warm water, and apply it around your lips: then apply the oil.  Almond or walnut oils are especially effective at fighting wrinkles, since they are rich in vitamin E.
  • Honey: honey masks are excellent for helping regenerate and nourish the skin.  Mix one teaspoon of honey with another teaspoon of sugar-free yogurt, then apply to the lips.  Let the yogurt absorb, and then rinse with warm water.  Another very effective recipe is melting 3 tablespoons of bee’s wax with apricot oil, and half a tablespoon of camphor.  Mix very well, and then empty into a dark glass jar.  Cover well, and use this preparation each time you need it.  This cream is excellent for split or dry lips.
  • Aloe vera cream, tepezcohuite, and rose hips are especially beneficial for preventing wrinkles, since they deeply moisten and nourish the skin.  Carry a tube with them in your purse, and apply every time your feel your lips dry.  Try not to use too much of the cream on your lips, however, as your skin will get used to getting necessary oils from outside and will become lazy in creating them for itself.
  • Drink juices and eat salads frequently, and frequently include alfalfa, avocado, sesame, seeds, carrots, and tomatoes, as well as cold-pressed vegetables which are stupendous for helping the skin create its own oils, and for preventing wrinkles.  Vegetable oils are also a rich source of vitamin E, enzymes, and antioxidants that help repair damaged and worn skin.  Also, do not forget to include vitamin C in your diet, as this is an essential ingredient for preventing wrinkles and keeping your skin healthy and fresh.  Oranges, lemons, broccoli, guava, red tomatoes, etc., are a few foods rich in vitamin C.
  • Smile!  Each time you laugh you use practically every muscle in your face.  This helps strengthen and irrigate nutrients to the entire face.

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