Natural soaps with millennium of history made with Olive oil and Laurel oil

Feeling the freshness of soap on the skin is an incomparable sensation, and even more so if the product in question is made with a base of 100% natural ingredients.  Aleppo soaps are made with olive oil and laurel oil.
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Benefits of olive oil

Its content of vitamins, especially E, and other antioxidants make olive oil a highly valued ingredient in cosmetic productions.  This is the case for:

Cleansing gels:

Facial creams:

  • Erase age marks and help soften wrinkles.

Hair products:

  • With protective and regenerative properties for hair.

Hand creams:

  • Protect and nourish dry hands.  Especially recommended for cold climates.

Benefits of olive oil for the skin

Olive oil tones the epidermis:

  • It has nourishing, regenerative, and softening effects on the skin.
  • This is because it is rich in vitamin E.

Olive oil delays skin aging:

  • Because of its antioxidant action in its vitamins.

Restores natural moisture levels in the skin:

  • Thanks to its important essential fatty acids content.

Olive oil provides skin with elasticity:

  • The primary component of this oil, oleic acid, makes up and provides elasticity to cellular membranes and therefore, to all skin.

Olive oil is a body emollient:

  • Excellent for giving therapeutic massages.

Olive oil protects skin:

  • From external agents like cold, contamination, and environmental dryness.

Properties of Laurel oil

– Antiseptic and disinfectant

– Restores hydrolipid films

– Protects from cutaneous infections and external agents

– Protects dry skin, sensitive skin like eczema, acne, flaky skin.

– Use as a shampoo twice a week

– Use as a face mask, allowing to work for one minute and then rinsing

– Use as shaving cream (softens and moisturizes)

– Antiseptic, healing, astringent, refreshes, improves circulation.

– Revitalizes, tones

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