Risks of Mesotherapy and Ultra Cavitation

Have you tried everything to lose weight, from extreme diets to pills and supplements, and nothing has worked?  And now you want to bet on beauty therapies that promise to make your dream a reality?

Risks of Mesotherapy and Ultra CavitationBe very careful with this.  Currently there are a lot of different methods that say they absorb all the localized fat in your body and will leave you with an enviable waist, without any effort.  They could be right, but remember that you shouldn’t put your health in the hands of non-professionals, or people who aren’t qualified.  These people try to do work that should only be left to doctors.

Getting injections, injecting substances into your body, operating specialized machines that act internally…this should be left to beauty professionals, like cosmeticians.  Don’t expose yourself.


Using a technique that is highly promoted by aesthetic and beauty centers, medical substances are injected, which are promised to reduce or eliminate body fat.  This means that the patients are given a subcutaneous injection.  But do doctors do the injection?  And regarding the substances…do you know what they’re injecting you with?

Generally, it’s not simply the majority, but all centers that perform these types of procedures, don’t have a specialist doctor, although they should.

So if you are currently being tempted to undergo mesotherapy, you have the right to ask about every detail, and you can even request that they perform a prior medical exam.


Just like with all injections, the most common risk involved with mesotherapy is infection.  Remember that injections facilitate bacteria entering the body, which are found on the skin.  Not only do I say this, but a lot of doctors have said it too.  The worst part is that even medications can contain bacteria.  So it is absolutely vital that you go to a center that is known to follow all the sanitary requirements.

I remember that in 2005 a few medications were used in mesotherapy that were contaminated with a very dangerous bacteria which was resistant to the majority of antibiotics.  A lot of women suffered very severe deformities.  This was a long time ago and I haven’t heard anything similar since, but I have heard of infections that end up putting the patient in a clinic or hospital.

What is ultra cavitation?

This is a new technique used to shape the body, thin the waist, eliminate fat and reduce cellulite.  Of course it sounds and looks wonderful, but just like mesotherapy, you need to be cautious.

Before undergoing this treatment, a doctor should evaluate you.  What should they rule out?  Liver and kidney problems, high cholesterol or triglycerides.

Fat liquefies

Are you wondering why?  It’s because ultra cavitation causes body fat to liquefy, and the contents spread to the blood stream and lymphatic system.  They are eliminated through the urine, making all of these organs work very hard.  If you already have high cholesterol or triglycerides, with a higher risk of having fat dissolved in the blood and lymphatic system, this problem becomes even more severe.

Another detail is that, depending on the devices used, some are more potent than others.  This procedure could cause vibrations in the ear.  It could also not only act on fatty tissues, but also on other types of tissues.  This depends on whether or not the individual performing it does it correctly.


This modern therapy is contraindicated for pregnant women, patients with uncontrolled diabetes, those who have suffered from cardiac arrest, hypertension, and people that have underlying metal prosthetics.

The ideal situation

As we always say, there is no such thing as a miracle diet, nor therapy, nor wand.  It’s always best to maintain a consistently healthy diet and healthy habits, like exercising.

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